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Friday, October 7, 2016

Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery Easiness Baffles French Authorities

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The five men that held Kardashian West at gunpoint and stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry disguised as police officers came and left the scene on bicycles.
Kardashian West and the concierge  told  police that the robbers were all European men between 40 and 50 years old and spoke French without an accent.

The Hôtel de Pourtalès concierge told authorities the five men buzzed the intercom in the early hours of Monday, demanding to see Kardashian, 35  when he opened the door  they pointed a gun at his head and forced him to unlock the door to Kardashian’s apartment.

They were aware she had jewelry and was alone that evening.Upon breaking in the men demanded in French: “Where’s the rapper’s wife? The men might not have even known Kardashian West by name.
The entire operation as narrated by the police. Two of the men and the concierge went upstairs to Kardashian West’s apartment and tied her up while the other robbers searched the apartment for jewelries which was reportedly left on the table by the reality star. After the operation, all five men departed on bicycles. The operation was extremely professional and the robbers left no traces or DNA According to the BFM TV report.

The question is how a low-ranking concierge could have such an easy access to VIP apartments, and according to report french authorities  remain baffled at the  ease with which he was able to guide the robbers straight to the star’s bedroom without interruption.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Faced With Declining Economic Growth G7 Countries Need To Increase Infrastructural investment

Posted By: alldamoney - 9:26:00 PM
The stagnant or declining growth witnessed by G7 Countries in recent years been discussed at the World Economic Forum

In recent years most large economies continue to have sizeable negative output gaps. In the U.S. for example policymaking circles there have heard recurrent calls to increase infrastructure investments. Of all G7 countries, Only Germany and the UK are near to closing the gap while Italy is furthest adrift with France and Japan still running behind the GDP-weighted average for the group.

This is surprising as an increase in infrastructure spending could go a long way to solving several pressing challenges that the G7 economy faces.Eight years after the financial crisis the amount of spare capacity in MOST of these economies show how they are operating below their potential level of output.
In the first quarter of the year, The Eurozone grew at an encouraging rate of 0.6% quarter-on-quarter higher than expected and slightly above trend. While data show that the US grew at a lethargic rate of 0.1% quarter-on-quarter; and also the UK saw growth slow to a slightly-below-trend rate of 0.4% in the first quarter.

So will infrastructure investments boost growth rates? To invest more in infrastructure is a necessary condition to boosting short-term demand and to ensure that the supply-side of the economy grows more strongly in the long term.

When considering where to target investment based on their infrastructure project experience PwC’s economists set out four principles for policymakers to keep in mind:
To meet the need: it’s important to identify both the current and future needs and supplement the base case analysis with a range of scenarios that includes both optimistic and pessimistic cases.
Other objectives consistency should be ensured: the government’s broader policy agenda, including social and environmental as well as economic goals, should fit into its planned infrastructure projects

The   benefit the wider economy must be ensured: relative to a scenario where the project does not go ahead, the assessment of the potential impact should factor in both the long-term effects as well as the direct and indirect impacts.

To Ensure financial transparency and responsibility: Embarking on an infrastructure-led programme seems like a sensible way to boost aggregate demand and long-term supply capacity for governments with a relatively low net debt position and healthy public finances (e.g. Germany and Canada), however if the budget deficits is high for example the UK then the issue of prioritizing infrastructure investment over current spending could arise.

Overall the most pressing economic challenges for G7 economies concern how to provide satisfactory living standards for the vast majority of their people. Such growth requires two components: rapid overall productivity growth, and a stabilization (or even reversal) of the large rise in income inequality that occurred during  the Recession, a rise in inequality that kept overall productivity growth from translating into living standards growth for most people.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Managers That Might Replace Sam Allardyce As England Coach

Posted By: alldamoney - 11:59:00 AM

Allardyce resigned after the Telegraph undercover reporters claimed he discussed how to  "get around" transfer rules.

Following the fall out of Sam Allardyce's after 67 days in charge, the Football Association is searching for a New England boss following. Allardyce left by mutual consent on Tuesday after the Daily Telegraph claimed he offered advice on how to "get around" rules on player transfers.
Allardyce only game in charge is their opening 2018 World Cup qualifier 1-0 win in September over Slovakia
Potential replacement  is Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger and Tottenham  manager Mauricio Pochettino  who say they are open to managing England in the future.
Wenger, 66, said, when asked about taking the job: "One day, if I'm free, why not?" Pochettino, 44, said: "Yes, why not? In the future."
However at the moment both managers said they are committed to their respective clubs.
Other managers been considered are Gareth Southgate who is a likely option for the permanent role , Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe , Crystal Palace manager Alan Pardew and ex-Hull City manager Steve Bruce .
Of  all candidates being touted as Allardyce's replacement.Arsene Wenger 's credentials easily outstrip all .Experience make him the perfect fit for international management and at 66, Wenger comes with experience need to make england a force in world football once again.

While there is uncertainty over who replaces Allardyce Gareth Southgate will take charge starting with Malta at Wembley (8 October), Slovenia away (11 October), Scotland at home (11 November) and Spain in a friendly (15 November).the England’s Under-21 boss will hope to continue the winning streak for the next four matches that includes three World Cup qualifiers.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Oil Price Expected to Rebound After OPEC's Historic Deal

Posted By: alldamoney - 11:12:00 AM
After two and a half years of uncertainty "OPEC took the decision on Wednesday to control the market by agreeing on oil output cuts in a first deal since 2008, with group's leader Saudi Arabia softening its stance.

OPEC deal will help raise Oil price 
The OPEC production ceilings abandoned a year ago would effectively be re-established through this move. Traders were impressed OPEC had managed to reach a compromise and prices of Oil jumped more than 5 percent to trade above $48 per barrel as of 2015 GMT
The OPEC agreement  to cut oil output  help the U.S. dollar to an eight-day high against the yen on Thursday  while European banking sector easing concerns helped the euro gain.
The dollar against the yen was up 0.92 percent  at 101.58 yen .The euro was up to 0.12 percent against the U.S. dollar at $1.1228 reversing losses sustained on European banking sector  concern.

The deal helped raise oil exporting countries’ currencies o on Wednesday but by Thursday there was only a slight change based on concerns over implementing the deal and the feasibility of OPEC.
If going by the words of David Gilmore, partner at FX Analytics in Essex, Connecticut he said “There is reason to think that being skeptical about OPEC production quotas is a reasonable approach,”
Also  up 0.06 percent at 95.494 .DXY is the dollar index  which measures the greenback against a basket of six major currencies,

Omer Esiner, chief market analyst at Commonwealth Foreign Exchange Inc. in Washington said "An orderly rise in oil prices would signal a broader sense of global market stability," and “It could be inflationary, the type of argument for higher rates from the Federal Reserve."

Saudi and Iran are the main economies in the Middle East and seem to be making the laws. Their economies depend heavily on oil.After sanctions , Iran is suffering less pressure from the halving in crude prices while Saudi Arabia faces a  stagnating economy and is being forced to cut the salaries of government employees after the second year of budget deficits with a  record $98 billion gap last year.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Video:Celebrity Prankster Sediuk Kiss Kim Kardashian's $21 million Insured Back Side

Posted By: alldamoney - 1:19:00 PM
Kim Kardashian arrive for the Paris Fashion Week holding today 
Kim Kardashian got the warmest welcome from Vitalii Sediuk as she arrived for the Paris Fashion Week holding on Wednesday as shown in a video captured by her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. Vitalii.
The well-known Ukrainian celebrity prankster Sediuk broke from the gathered crowd at L’Avenue restaurant and attempted to kiss Kardashian’s backside.The celebrity who was shown  wearing a sheer black trench coat with a bandeau, appeared startled in the video but her security guard, Pascal Duvier, jumped in  and tackled Sediuk to the ground.

In 2014, as she was leaving the Balmain show surrounded by a crowd of onlookers, Kardashian was knocked to the ground by the same Sediuk who presently lives in Europe and has been banned from the United States. Then he told a Hollywood Reporter that he accosted Kardashian because he enjoys attention.“I like the show business world. But it’s obviously not my intention to offend someone. It looks like I’m a monster, but I’m a normal guy. Well, what I’m doing isn’t normal — but I don’t have bad intentions.”

While the reason behind his latest stunt has not been revealed there is a perception  it’s connected with the Hadid episode as lately he has been seen protesting the putting of the Kardashians and other similar celebrities on front cover of the well-respected magazine.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Reid Hoffman Revel The Ultimate Success Formula

Posted By: alldamoney - 11:30:00 PM
Hoffman co-founded LinkedIn
While attending the prestigious Churchill Club annual award ceremony in Santa Clara on Thursday where he was being honored with the 2016 Global Benefactor award Reid Hoffman the co-founder of LinkedIn who previously  worked at Apple, Fujitsu, PayPal before it was sold to eBay and  an online dating startup SocialNet that failed gave an insight about his formula used to spark change, be happier, and create successful businesses that impact lives.

Hoffman said he waived his PhD to embark on writing software programs because of his desire to create something that would help shape and influence people’s life. When the vibe to create change struck him so much that he came up with a formula for it, which is:

The Number of people touched x depth of impact x time = social impact.

He said this simple formula could be used to choose startup ideas and also help to decide how time and money are spent as one grows.

The idea behind the formula is volunteering with your expertise in an area that you care about. For instance, he joined an organization that taught underprivileged teens to learn about the internet.
He said; “I started joining non-profit boards to make a significant difference”. Like for him, he joined an organization that taught underprivileged teens to learn about the internet.
Just like him everyone can use the formula to spark change, be happier, and create more successful businesses models that impact lives.

“Each year, I ask myself, now that I have this knowledge, these resources, what can I do?”
To have a bigger impact u need to volunteer because “you can contribute and amplify.”

To be a happier person and bring change to the world you need to give away your time.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Turkish Assets Tumble After Moody’s downgrade to junk

Posted By: alldamoney - 6:32:00 AM
Moody’s, citing rising risks associated with external financing needs and slow economic growth outlook lowered Turkey’s sovereign rating one level to Ba1 late Friday, the highest non-investment grade triggering a Turkish assets tumble and credit risk rising. In August JPMorgan Chase said any downgrade could drive forced selling off as much as $8.7bn in Turkish bonds.

The Borsa Istanbul 100 index tracked by Bloomberg globally posted the steepest decline among about 90 gauges while The currency was headed for the lowest level in eight weeks in late morning trade in Istanbul, also  the nation’s dollar debt due 2026 sank the most since an attempted coup in July. Since the failed coup the cut is Turkey’s second.

Most major asset management companies are betting against the lira

CMA prices show the nation’s $1.5bn debt yield due on April 2026 rose by 27 basis points to 4.55%, and the yield on the government’s 10-year local currency bonds advanced the most in more than two months to 9.96%.And the cost of insuring the nation’s debt for five years climbed to 262 basis points.

To consider an asset for investment many investors require investment-grade ratings from two of the three major rating companies of Fitch, Moody’s and S&P.
Turkey heavily relies on capital inflows to finance its current-account deficits.

And while the rating cut had not yet caused Turkish credit blow up it could place it on a more risky path according to Viktor Szabo, Aberdeen Asset Management portfolio manager who owns some of the country’s bonds and is betting against its currency.

Boko Haram Leader Abubakar Shekau Reappear From The Dead

Posted By: alldamoney - 4:33:00 AM
Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau once again made an appearance in a video released by the militant group on Sunday. Up to five times now sources have declared the charismatic leader dead only to have videos surfacing showing Shekau actually well and alive.

Shekau has survived many supposed assassinations attempt  
Since the Chibok girls kidnappings over two years ago that caught the world's attention Shekau has survived many supposed assassinations attempt  the last being in August when the Nigerian military reported that they had fatally wounded him in an air raid.
He mocked the Nigerian military in the video and spoke about the Chibok girls, who were kidnapped by his group around April 2014.

In the latest video released on YouTube he said “You have been spreading in social media that you injured or killed me,"Oh tyrants, I'm in a happy state, in good health, and in safety."
After the group released a video earlier in September without Shekau, the Nigerian army had hoped that the group leader was actually dead, since that video contained only an unidentified man in a white robe acting as leader in place of  Shekau.
Despite last year's report that the group was deadlier than the Islamic State in 2015 Boko Haram has become weaker from infighting within the group .The son of Boko Haram's founder Abu Musab al-Barnawi, currently heads the ISIS-approved ISWAP, that has declared Shekau an enemy.

The Nigerian authorities are yet to comment on the latest video from Boko Haram.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Soccer Super-Agent Mino Says This Young Star Is The New Messi

Posted By: alldamoney - 2:42:00 AM
Mino responding to questions from Daily Mail
Soccer Super-Agent Mino Raiola who acts as agents to mega stars such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba,Mario Balotelli and Lukaku Romelu
Recently said he has identified arsenal young star Donyell Malen as the possible next Messi of the future

Mino told the Daily Mail he is impressed by the Arsenal youngster. And when Raiola says he's impressed the football world takes note because of the high figure deal he has concluded including that of the most expensive footballer in the world currently held by Paul Pogba.

                                    Donyell Malen  has what it takes to be the next big thing says, Mino
Malen, 17, hails from the Netherlands and  started his career at Ajax as a striker before moving to North London last year.
He  has featured in Arsenal’s Under-23 side on several occasions this season.
And did represent Holland at both Under-15 and Under-17 level,

He is expected to make his senior debut as early as January to share the striking burden with Olivier Giroud and Lucas Perez

Top clubs will be waiting in the wings to poach him as soon as he makes his breakthrough, therefore the more he stays hidden in the shadows of arsenals  academy the better for Arsenal fans.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Here are the countries with the Most McDonald's outlet

Posted By: alldamoney - 5:37:00 AM
Despite its shrinking businesses, the global fast food outlet aim to open outlets in Tanzania and Ghana 

McDonald's Corp a  top global restaurant with more than 36,500 locations and about 1.9 million workers comprising both full and part time worldwide. The $100 billion Company  first restaurant opened in 1948 in San Bernardino and expanded internationally first in 1967 to Canada and later to Puerto Rico. The iconic fast food empire has opened restaurants across more than 115 countries making it the most global sought after fast food outlet. But while some countries boost of multiple outlets of the restaurant others mainly in third world countries are yet to witness the presence of this magnificent global restaurant.
Here are the countries with the Most McDonald's outlet  

1. 14,267 outlets - The United States
The official figure in the United States is about 14,267 restaurants making it the most McDonald's located country .The states with the highest concentration are Maryland Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, and Louisiana. But MacDonald’s does not have the highest number of restaurants in the United States subway has while in Europe McDonald's has more locations than any other fast food restaurant  and only about 31.5% of McDonald's revenue comes from the United States, which is far less than Europe overall.

2.  2,975 outlets - Japan
As of 2015 there is about 3,000 McDonald's location in Japan making it the fast food’s largest and most important market in Asia. Although recently this market have been shrinking due to higher input costs and a health-conscious consumer base. The Japanese market still contributes significantly to the global revenue to the restaurant

3. 2,000 outlets - China
Even though China allowed McDonald’s open its restaurants in 1990 although it has a presence in neighboring countries like Japan 1971, Hong Kong 1975 and the Philippines in 1981. China contributes about 20% of McDonald's global revenue and only Japan has more locations in Asia.

4. 1,472 outlets - Germany

5. 1,386 outlets - France

6. 1,262 outlets - The United Kingdom

7. 1,400 outlets - Canada. McDonald's opened its first Canadian restaurant in Richmond, British Columbia, in June 1967

Europe accounts for 7,920 McDonald's outlets, and France ,Germany and the United Kingdom hosts 4,120 of the outlets making it the most profitable continent for the restaurant outside the united states, in fact this region boasts the restaurant chain's greatest amount of revenue.

Friday, September 16, 2016

How To Make Wise Financial Decisions In The Era Of Negative Interest Rate

Posted By: alldamoney - 2:16:00 PM
The Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at Brookings examined the recent experience with negative interest rates, particularly in Europe, and their possible use in the U.S. 
Bernanke the former fed chair initiated the ‘ZIRP,’ which means “zero interest rate policy.” He is has started suggesting the ‘NIRP,’ “negative interest rate policy.” Recently he said “Since the current low-interest-rate environment may persist, there are good reasons for the Fed and other central bankers to consider changes in their policy frameworks,” he added. “The option of raising the inflation target should be part of that discussion. But … it is premature to rule out alternative or potentially complementary approaches, including the possibility of using negative interest rates.”

A deeper look into this statement will show that most central bankers are totally confused. And this confusion has eroded  confidence in the global financial system. Such that about $13 trillion in government bonds are now yielding below zero, which means that the buyers have to pay  interest instead of receiving it.

Sept 12  Bernanke takes on critics who says his suggestions would cause hyperinflation and asset bubbles
In Switzerland for example, the Negative rates and currency intervention have been the cornerstone of the SNB's strategy to weaken demand for the Swiss franc since it scrapped its cap against the euro in January 2015.and it  has caused unease by acting as a charge on banks, while insurers and pension funds have been wrestling with low bond yields.
So what is a 'Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP) and how it would impact on you:
The NIRP (negative interest rate policy) is an unconventional monetary policy tool where the theoretical lower bound of zero percentage nominal target interest rates are set with a negative value.

Naturally, People and businesses hoard money instead of spending and investing during deflationary periods because prices are expected to fall. This will result in a collapse in aggregate demand that will further lead to prices falling even further resulting to a slow down or halt in real production and output, then to an increase in unemployment.
To deal with such economic stagnation a loose or expansionary monetary policy is usually employed but if deflationary forces are too strong simply cutting the central bank's interest rate to zero may not be sufficient to stimulate borrowing and lending thus the negative interest rate is used in such a chronic case.
In the negative interest rate scenario the central bank and private banks will charge negative interest: what this means is that instead of receiving interest on deposits, depositors will pay to keep their money with the bank.
This will make banks lend money more freely and businesses and individuals to invest, lend, and spend money rather than pay a fee to keep it safe.
Finally, targeting interest rates below zero will theoretically reduce the costs to borrow for companies and households, driving demand for loans and increasing investment and consumer spending.

In most countries currently using this policy, retail banks mostly bear the costs of the negative interest rates by paying them rather than passing it to depositors as paying to deposit might encourage people to hoard cash.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Police "cow service commission" arrests cow meat eaters in India

Posted By: alldamoney - 11:30:00 PM

In Muslim-dominated Haryana state, governed by India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) police are  checking dishes of mutton biryani to ensure that they did not contain beef in what critics say it was an example of "food fascism"

After "some people" complained last week that beef was being used in their food, samples of biryani were taken by the local police for investigation. The state recently made laws against cow slaughter and set up a special police force to protect cows named "police cow service commission".
While many Indians mostly (Muslims, Christians, and few Hindus) eat the cow meat, India's Hindu majority see cows as a sacred animal. Based on government data,  80 million Indians eat beef or buffalo meat.

In nearby villages’ the crackdown on biryani sellers on the suspicion that they were using beef in their dishes did affect the local business, pictures showed empty stalls on the local highway with mostly poor biryani sellers complaining they had lost their livelihood.

But according to Amita Baviskar, a professor of sociology people will always find ways to eat kind of food they want as human beings don't like to be told what to eat and by targeting sellers, just as prohibition has led to a thriving black market in alcohol in the western state of Gujarat the food police may end up driving cow meat underground.

North Korea's Nuclear Test Raises US - China Tensions

Posted By: alldamoney - 1:33:00 PM
North Korea leader Kim Jong-un and his lieutenants celebrating the successful launch of a missile 

It’s over a decade since October 2006 when North Korea’s first tested a nuclear device and since that period the pace to become a “permanent” nuclear state has quickened with five nuclear tests the largest up-to-date was conducted last week and several missile platforms. However this quest has not come down well with Washington which accused Beijing of not doing enough to arrest North Korea's nuclear ambitions, underscoring tensions between the two world powers in the geopolitically sensitive Korean Peninsula.

On its most recent call press conference the Chinese foreign affairs ministry's, spokesperson Hua Chunying said by thrusting the responsibility of handling Pyongyang solely on China U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter was being "unnecessarily modest" .
Hua added that "The Korean nuclear issue cause and crux rest with the U.S. rather than China.
Earlier at a news conference in Norway Carter had pointed out that china holds the responsibility for North Korea's recalcitrant nuclear testing.

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter

He said, according to Reuters. "China has and shares an important responsibility for this development and has an important responsibility to reverse it."
"And it’s important (China) uses its location, its history and its influence to further the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula," he stated.
Meanwhile in a show of solidarity with South Korea, two U.S. B-1 bombers flew over South Korea On Tuesday what seem as sending a message to china Russia and north Korea that the US is solidly behind its ally.

As North Korea appears to be raising both its capabilities and the pace of its provocations Distrust between Beijing and Washington keep spiraling upward.

People Going Crazy For for the 'Lose virginity' Drink in China

Posted By: alldamoney - 4:53:00 AM

"Blackout in a can" a known notorious drink has made its way to china from the US.
Some Chinese online retailers described Four Loko  as a drink that contains both alcohol and caffeine. They  claim the combination could make people blackout after drinking just one can.

However,  Loko's parent company says the online retailers offering Four Loko drinks with caffeine in china are "imposters" and "unauthorized retailers" with no affiliation to the official company. since stimulants such as caffeine,guarana and taurine was removed from all four lokos  products in 2010 after  US Food and Drug Administration raised health concerns about the health effects of the combination. and that all the company's products have b been removed from stores in several states until its ingredients are adjusted.

People in China normally drink strong liquors and spirits and most times this leads to tragic consequences and this  drink comes as a fruit-flavored alcoholic beverage with at least 12% alcohol content making it perfect for their consumption.

Chinese media reported Earlier this week, of a bridesmaid in Hainan who died after drinking large amounts of rice wine at a wedding encouraged by several onlookers.
Also, drink made headlines after three women in their twenties had their belongings stolen when they smuggled the drink into a karaoke bar and passed out after drinking it.
It's picked up steam in recent months in China, with Several vloggers uploading videos of themselves drinking the 695ml cans of drink  keen to show off their drinking prowess on social media

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