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Video: Lists of Steps u need to be Successful in life

 In life Some people are successful while others are not. But what separates  successful and unsuccessful people? Why majority asked this question belie its skill  well you'll be surprised to find that it's not skill or good luck? Is it their charisma and leadership qualities? There’s no definite formula, but there’s also no denying that there are common traits that make successful people stand apart from everyone else. There are ways of doing things and thinking about the world that people at top just do differently. What really makes people successful is attitude.If you believe you'll succeed in life you will and if you think you'll fail you will surely fail.But can you change how u end up ? How can you change the way you think and act?
The desire to be successful is shared among everyone I believe, it doesn’t really matter your age,race or profession. Even though I understand everyone's definition of success might be different, But here I will give an example and let u choose.
This about a famous basketball player and his teammate .This player is  successful in all guy he is rich beyond anyone’s imagination. He has set records and will soon be named to the Hall of Fame. upon all these it's well known that he is really disliked and to this he is not regarded as a successful human being.  His team mate is not high profile, his not wealthy but he built and encouraged people so much that many People were made better because he graced their lives and to that he is a successful human being. Base on your definition of success, a person could be a loving and faithful spouse or a caring and responsible parent and be taken to be successful, while to others it could be power, wealth, and fame.
While there could be a lot of arguments on the definition of a successful person, one sure thing is, whichever bracket you fall into, we all as human aim and work towards being successful . I stop here with my definition and let u choose  by yourself who is successful or who is not based on all this.

Finally, we all desire success to have a comfortable life, drive cool cars, attain financial freedom and live in mansions. Though all this does not come easy, success can be very much achieved.

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