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Where u can make quick money Flipping houses

House flipping is back. If we go by the data from Realty Trac released recently, that  show a 6.6 percent increase of all single family home and condo sales from first quarter in 2016's that  was flipped. That's an increase of 20 percent from the previous quarter and a 3 percent year over year gain. House flipping is a method of real estate investment where people buy dilapidated houses, fix it and resell for a profit. Notably, Flipping levels remain below the 9 percent peak they hit in 2006 just before the real estate market collapsed. When investing in Real estate the risk factors that could impact on the ownership of estate no matter how little the holding period time  include, fluctuations in the value of underlying properties, the impact of economic conditions on real estate values, the strength of specific industries renting properties and defaults by borrowers or tenants.

Real Estate Opportunities in North America  

Real estate market headlines have repeatedly documented a strong and potentially bubble like recovery in the US and this trend would at least continue for a couple of years.Base on this, house prices is not rising as fast as they were. The annual increase of 4.26% y-o-y in the first quarter 2015 in the S&P/Case-Shiller seasonally-adjusted national home price index (4.34% in real terms) was the lowest since Q3 2012.  There was a 4.39%  price rise during the year to May 2015 (4.43% in real terms).
Yet demand has been shooting up. New house sales rose by 18.1% during the year to June 2015, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Most sales transactions were in the South (58.5% of all houses sold), according to the U.S. National Association of Realtors.

For Canada which avoided much of the fallout from the global financial crisis and U.S. housing market collapse that started in 2008.The Toronto market is driven by powerful trends that are not likely to end any time soon.
Aided by Canada’s conservative banking system that make investors see Toronto as a secure place to put capital, a global financial centre, a 24-hour city and a cultural powerhouse.
Another important factor in the boom of the real estate sector in Canada  points to the large influx of immigrants, for example  the “Manhattanization” of Toronto caused by vast numbers of people choosing to live downtown rather than in the suburbs. Meanwhile, the greenbelt around the city has limited sprawl and the Great Lake to the south prevents expansion in that direction.

European real estate market opportunities

Real estate sector in Europe remains intact despite global macro headwinds and uncertainties in domestic economies. The past year witnessed of 30 per cent (by Euro volume) of a growth increase with European real estate investment compared to the previous year.

Regional Investment activities have seen an improving regional macro-economic conditions (though slow) the increase of liquidity allocated to commercial real estate assets by global investors, the low interest rate environment and the weaker Euro.

An interesting development is that apart from the traditional markets such as London, which recorded 18 per cent of the total European investment volume, More recently however, we have been seeing strong investment demand in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Poland. In terms of asset classes, demand remains strongest for core commercial offices, hospitality and logistic properties. Selectively, we also see appetite for retail and student housing. According to the Duke of Westminster and landlord over much of Mayfair in London  warned about lower property yields and rising exuberance in its core market as it has trimmed exposure to prime London real estate. Most private equity firms and hedge funds that specialize in complicated and sometimes distressed real estate investment are continuing to deploy capital into bricks and mortar around the world.

ASIAN Real Estate Market 

The present upshift in demand and limited supply in property investment contributed to the push in rentals in prime Asian markets including china and India. In terms of rental growth, Hong Kong comes to the top while Connaught Place India with a 10% year on year rise is closely second, followed by Tokyo and Shanghai at 9.1% and 7.5%, respectively.
Rentals in Bengaluru and Mumbai have also seen annual rental growth rates rise steadily over the past eight quarters and rose 4.9% and 2.9%, respectively, during the first quarter of 2016 as shown by Knight Frank Asia Pacific Prime Office Rental Index 2015.
As vacancy rates in these markets fall it is expected that a strong rental growth will continue for most Asian cities as noted by Samantak Das chief economist, Knight Frank India vacancy rates are a sign of good demand and constrained supply. While the Prime office property markets can up as the costliest in the Asia Pacific region. Due to the rising demand, developers with ready commercial projects are seeing change in business scenario since the past years, a 12 out of the 19 real estate markets tracked have registered positive rental growth in the first quarter of 2016 supposed to 8 in the previous based index data.

South America

Latin American countries really had a tumultuous time but a new survey show opportunity in the real estate market.

One of the main drivers of this opportunity is the expectation that property values are going to rise in the future. Majority of investors who invested recently into the sector 38% of them cited returns on investment as their main motivation, followed by 29 percent who needed steady rental incomes from their acquisitions. Spread evenly between assets diversification, hedging against inflation and seeking attractive yields is another 30%.

Form the total fund flow to the sector in South America 29 percent of the total invested fund was spent in Brazil. While Chile came second with 23 percent, Mexico trailing at 13 percent and Argentina took in 6 percent. Colombia and Peru tied, with 3 percent these countries were the best places for real Estate investment in South America.

Most desired properties are Office with 35 percent of investors fund moving there. Retail was the second-most attractive asset type at 26 percent, followed by industrial at 16 percent, hotels at 13 percent and multifamily with 10 percent. The US is the next desired location after Latin American cities typically favored to buying real estate.


Recently real estate opportunities in Africa are on the rise, African cities growth and development have created a demand for increased volumes of high quality commercial and residential real estate. African countries rising urban middle class have impacted on retail property development which as at now is on the increase. Put into consideration the sudden spring of modern shopping malls across the continent the sky is surely the limit in this sector.

with a huge  number of multinational companies  searching for office spaces including the rise of regional tech hubs and an expanding oil and gas sector that creates job opportunity with little place to house the employees the  newly built  cities of Angola, Nigeria, Egypt, Mozambique, south Africa and Kenya is surly on high demand.

For Luanda and Huambo  major cities in Angola its office space are the highest in Africa at $150/m2 per month in Luanda (the 2nd highest in Africa is comparatively $65/ m2 less).The retail market, although in its infancy, also provides a high return on investment with prices at $120/m2 per month for a rapidly expanding middle class in Luanda.

Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy with Lagos and Abuja as its major cities. Lagos office space rents for $85/m2 per month while the Abuja office space, despite being in a market nearly 1/4 the size of Lagos, still rents for US$72/m2 per month.

Housing prices accordingly still sit at the top of the range, only ‘outpaced’ by the aforementioned Angola. An executive house with 4 bedrooms goes for $8,000 and $8,500 per month in Lagos and Abuja…again, in Angola, the same property costs about $25,000.

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