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Latest Video: Istanbul Ataturk airport Bomb attack

On Tuesday a  deadly terrorist attack rocked Istanbul’s Ataturk international airport’s death toll rose to  42.This includes at least 13 foreign nationals dead from which  three are said  to be dual Turkish nationals five are  from Saudi Arabia while others are from elsewhere in the region.No Westerners are currently listed as dead;While the number of  people injured increased from 147 to 239.

No terror group has taken responsibility for the attack, in which three men arrived by taxi at the international terminal and launched their horror armed with rifles and suicide bomb vests.
Speculation, based on the nature of the attack, has focused on the Islamic State, which has struck in Turkey before but rarely taken credit for those bombings.Interior Minister Efkan Ala said "all information and evidence" points to ISIS. "But nothing is for certain."

After  the attack, Turkish officials scrambled to resume operations at the country’s largest airport, airport workers spent the night removing debris from the blast Despite the devastation caused by the attack Prime Minister Yildirim said at a press conference Wednesday that Ataturk International Airport had resumed “flights and departures from 2:20 a.m. [local time] on.” (GMA)
President Tayyip Erdogan said, in a statement he tweeted Wednesday morning,“This attack once again revealed the dark face of terrorist organizations targeting innocent civilians. It is obvious that this attack does not aim to attain any results but merely aims to produce propaganda material against our country by shedding blood and causing pain to innocent civilians.“

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