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7 Most Powerful Military in Mainland Asia

Few years back Asian countries where walloping in poverty but with high economic growth year in year out and a well mapped out economic development strategy most Asian countries have positioned themselves not just as a global economic powerhouse but also a military that could stand its ground and protect the sovereignty of their nation in order to keep its people and the borders safe at any point in time. Asia as a huge continent have five of the world’s top 10 most powerful armies in the world. So which Asian country’s army is the best in the region?.
Having the best army here meaning the army that is most proficient and well-equipped.
7) Indonesia
With about 400,000 active-duty personnel and has around 4 percent of GDP allocated to its military mostly supplemented by revenue from many military run businesses and foundations. Indonesia military has risen to be the 7th strongest in the Asian-Pacific. Majority of personnel’s are recruited in their own home regions and generally train and serve most of their time in closer units  

6) Taiwan
The ROC Armed Forces number approximately 300,000, and reserves reportedly total 3,870,000. Between 2.5 to 3 percent of GDP is allocated to build and sustain it military. The modern day ROC military is styled after western military systems, mostly the US military.
5) Pakistan
Pakistan military is estimated at about 1.5 million personnel which include both those on active service, paramilitary and reserves. Estimated budgeted expenditure is at 3.5 percent of GDP. The Armed Forces of Pakistan are the best organized institution in Pakistan, and they are well respected part of the civil society
4) Japan
Japan maintains a modern military total expenditure totaling the world’s eighth largest military budget. Its military might is used for mainly self-defense and peacekeeping roles as officially it has renounced its right to declare war.
Japan spends big on defense and in response to growing disputes with China has increased its defense spending to become the sixth most expensive spender in the world the military consist of a large number of active personnel and reserve equipped with modern aircrafts and ships.
3) South Korea
South Korea military has about 650,000 active troops .The country allocates 2.6 percent of its GDP and 15 percent of all government spending to its military. Due to the increasing armament of Japan and China, and the constant threat from North Korea South Korea has been increasing its defense spending year to year.

2) India

India is the world’s largest importer of military goods and its military personnel is considered  the third largest standing army in the world. In term of military expenditure, India rank ninth among all nations.Indian military strategy has been dominated by its long-simmering conflict with Pakistan, although there have also been minor wars between China and India in the past.


China military consists of about 2.3 million active personals; making it the largest standing military force in the world. Its military spending increases with about 12.2% as it embark on a policy of massive military spending. Over the years, it has developed or acquired numerous advanced missile systems to protect its sovereignty

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