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Online Businesses that pay more than a full time job

The key to starting a work at home entrepreneurial career is knowing exactly what type of business u want to venture into. Few years back,before the coming of the Internet majority of work at home jobs were far from profitable as it was much harder to sort through scams and  real opportunities. But this has changed through the years, now brainstorming and picking the right idea is easier than ever before due to rampant information available through various sources. Availability of technology now give the freedom to work from anywhere and  more  people are taking up  the challenge  to do so.one just need to know the basics such as  Which work at home businesses have a higher chance of succeeding within the country u reside? And Which ones don’t require a lot of capital investment?

Subscription Boxes
With subscription box sites receiving visitors in millions it’s not unusual to get starry-eyed about this work from home opportunity. The essential steps involve designing an appealing box, picking a range of products, building an email list, and selecting a shipment method. For people who don’t know where to start in the subscription box business, it is advisable for the person to start with boxes that aren’t too pricey. This way you find out which boxes work for you without spending too much up front.

Drop Shipping
Drop shipping is a retail method where the seller does not have to store the products they sell but orders straight from the manufacturer when a customer orders a product.It purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product.
The biggest difference between drop shipping and the standard retail model is that the selling merchant doesn't stock or own inventory. Instead, the merchant purchases inventory as needed from a third party usually a wholesaler or manufacturer  to fulfill orders.
Image source: practical e-commerce

Niche clothing
Niche clothing is a growing trend in the work from home business. One just need to identify a profitable segment of the clothing market suitable for focused a focused Audience. The market  does not exist by themselves one need to create it  by identifying needs or wants that are not being addressed by the clothing market and offering those products to satisfy it, this is  a profitable business opportunity With the increase of people that rely on specialists when buying specific clothes .so therefore for one to start this business u need to have a clear audience, then reach out to a manufacturer, create a website or choose a medium  through which you will sell your items.

Amazon FBA
Fulfillment by Amazon – This program from Amazon allows you to sell goods via the Amazon platform. The Entire fulfillment process is handled by Amazon, which includes providing customer service, storing your items, shipping them to customers and handling exchanges and refunds. Amazon’s efficiency when it comes to the speed of order processing and shipment is brought to u.And Most times Sellers are eligible for free two shipping offer from Amazon Prime and similar options.

While this venture is more expensive than other work at home businesses (you’ll need to invest in camera equipment and perhaps video editing software).
Vlogging is a big money making opportunity, if you love making videos and is not camera shy.U can promote Videos in the same way you’d promote a normal blog post. With search engine and social media users becoming more inclined towards videos, there are opportunities to sell advertising space and get affiliate sponsorships.
Image source:statista
YouTube vloggers are a good example of people who earn a living making videos posting to youtube and other social media like NatureBox and Audible Inc.

If you are one of the thousands of people considering starting a home based business The good news is Starting a home based business is within the reach of almost anyone who wants to take a risk and work hard there is no better time than now. With 0 - $1,500  of  start up u can start something u can build for a lifetime.Even if u are working or engaged in some other business u can still do a part time as people are expected to have two or three careers during their work life on average.People who have been part of the traditional nine-to-five workforce who are on the verge of retiring from that life style and thinking of what to do next, now is the time to venture in to a home based business.

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