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Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho are expected to start a firework this season as both coaches reignited their rivalry not only in the same league but in the same city.
The former Barcelona’s coach  entrance  to the stage was over  announced  but once on it the man from Catalonia dazzled before supporters, he arrived at the City Football Academy in a skinny black jeans, a spanking new pair of Converse-like sneakers, distressed cotton T-shirt and tailored blazer.
Entering from a side door with zero pomp and circumstance Jose  Mourinho himself was draped in a black United shell-suit that featured shiny pants and a polo shirt which is open-necked  with a show collar up
Pep and Jose are the Cain and Abel of the football world, spiritual brothers apparently forever locked in conflict.The pair have spent half their lives entwined in each other’s destiny. Mourinho mockingly dubbed the translator at Barcelona, and Guardiola first met 20 years ago, when Bobby Robson began his first training session as Barcelona boss with Mourinho translating. Guardiola was one of the players loyal to former coach Johan Cruyff, who had given him his chance when a skinny teenager, who had managed the Barcelona Dream Team including Guardiola when they won their first European Cup in 1992 at Wembley, and who had controversially been sacked to make way for Robson.
Mourinho identified Guardiola as the leader of the Catalan-Spanish faction of the team. Always aware of the need to manage a core section of the dressing room, Mourinho established a bond with Guardiola as the most intelligent among that group, which included current Barca coach Luis Enrique, Sergi and Abelardo Fernandez. And yet, although there was professional respect, it was always at a distance, according to one who knew them both well at the time.
‘They were never friends,’ he said. ‘They respected each other and worked well together. But it was clear they were very different people even then.’

It appears however to be the new Manchester City boss, Guardiola, who made the first jibe at his former nemesis in La Liga. In an interview with Oasis singer and City supporter Noel Gallagher, the Spaniard referred to Machester United’s absence from the Champions League competition this coming season.
“I wasn’t worried,” Guardiola said of City’s close call with Champions League qualification. “I was coming to Manchester; I was never going to stay at home.
“But we are not in the Champions League, we have to be clear. That situation is now, in this moment, better than Manchester United’s though.”
Having finished fourth in the Premier League last season, City is now required to play a qualifying match this month to advance to the group stages of the competition.
Jose Mourinho was formally unveiled as Manchester United's new manager in front a packed media  at old Trafford.  It’s the 53-year-old's first public function since he was confirmed as Louis van Gaal's successor in May.

The Portuguese is charged with changing the title-winning fortunes of the club following last season's disappointing fifth-placed Premier League finish that result to  their failure to secure Champions League qualification.

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