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Top 5 immigration destinations in the world now

Based on your priorities for relocation which could be either u can't get a good job in your own country or you are looking for somewhere to get more fun.Great opportunities exist for people to migrate around the world.Settling down and relocating to a new country is an exciting thought for many of us. But from country to country immigration rules are different some are easy and can get u over it in a few days while others could take years to attain. So, how does one know the country to relocate? In here is a list of top 5 economically sound countries where you can immigrate and easily settle.


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) attracts people from around the world aiming to become its residents. Factors that make The UAE a desirable destination for relocation are:
- Tax free nation where citizens do not have to pay personal tax
-Very low crime rate
-Oil rich and dynamic economy
-Large number of universities with a good scope for education
-Low corruption rate
*It’s important to note that The UAE is a devout Islamic country and strictly follow the teachings of Islam. Alcohol and public displays of affection are forbidden. However, the UAE is made up of 80% immigrants, and they are a fairly tolerant country with expats enjoying relative freedom. Dubai is the most westernized region of the UAE with the majority of expats located there followed by Abu Dhabi.


People from diverse cultural backgrounds are welcome to Brazil due to its social structure renowned globally as a lovely country with a rich culture. It welcomes wealthy immigrants with a guaranteed monthly pension and two dependents to settle here easily.
- High standard of education
- The literacy rate of Brazil is over 90%
- Strong economy
- Employment rate is very good.

New Zealand

This Oceania small island country with a diverse cultural scenario attracts people from all over the world to come and settle down there. New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on earth and a great immigration destination as well. While its notable expensive to live in this country it main advantages include.
- a very low crime rate.
- good universities.
-  high standard of living and education.

Norway is a peaceful nation with an immigration rules that are considered loose, where people generally lead safe and happy lives. Free education is offered in public universities. It is also a naturally beautiful country with almost no pollution. The country enjoys a pleasant weather. Owing to the natural beauty of the land and the relaxed way of life, many people consider Norway as their immigration destination.
-Free education is offered in public universities
-not so strict immigration rules
-natural and beautiful country

Argentina is known an immigration friendly nation with a large land mass but densely populated. For immigrants to settle down in Argentina you just have to fulfill the minimum monthly income criteria to become eligible to live there.
- good opportunities for work
- good education system
-low cost of living is quite
if u have decided It’s time to start planning for a new life in a foreign land try choosing any of these top 5 immigration destinations in the world for a fulfilled stay .

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