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Why China wont comply to the Hague ruling

As china grow the need to wax influence both in the region and around the world  also grow.While china sees America's power in Asia as declining The U.S sees china as a threat to challenge its influence in Asia,therefore building a military base in the south china sea close to America’s traditional ally the Philippines  is perceived by the United States  as a direct challenge,therefore the need to protect the Philippines from the rising and powerful china .
On Tuesday  an international tribunal sitting at the  Hague comprising of   five judges and other legal experts delivered a sweeping rebuke  to China in a landmark case, filed at the initiative of Mr. Aquino past president of the Philippines , whose term ended June 30 over china’s claim of the South China Sea and its construction of artificial islands.
The main issue brought before the panel was the legality of China’s claim to waters within a “nine-dash line” that appears on official Chinese maps and encircles as much as 90 percent of the South China Sea, an area the size of Mexico. The Philippines had asked the tribunal to find the claim to be in violation of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which both China and the Philippines have ratified.
In its decision, the tribunal said any historic rights to the sea that China had previously enjoyed “were extinguished” by the treaty, which lays out rules for drawing zones of control over the world’s oceans based on distances to coastlines. The panel added that while China had used islands in the sea in the past, it had never exercised exclusive authority over the waters.

While China is not expected to vacate or dismantle the artificial islands it has built. “ “The tribunal rulings will move the goal posts towards the Philippines and the smaller countries,
In a chest-beating move that followed President Xi Jinping reasserted China’s claim to sovereignty over the South China Sea saying “since ancient times,” the state-run People’s Daily reported. His remarks echoed a statement from the Foreign Ministry. The tribunal’s decision “is invalid and has no binding force,” the ministry said. “China does not accept or recognize it.”

In a quickly issued  statement endorsing the tribunal’s decision Vietnam  which has fraternal Communist ties to China but also significant territorial disputes with it, including over oil exploration rights an early indication of t.
The new president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte did  signal  that he will be more accommodating toward China than was his predecessor, Benigno S. Aquino III.
China is building islands close to US military bases for objectives that support their national interests.but  it makes sense to ask questions on whether it is justifiable and in line with international norms and how does it affect the balance of power in the region etc. and in fact the world is very vocal on doing exactly this since years ago. Further, the US is acting by sailing within 12-nautical miles of the islands built by China recently and it seems that it will probably be more frequent in the near future than not.

China's actual intent and the outcomes of it's response to the judicial ruling will define how the world sees its new world power over the years.

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