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Why a Coup had to happen in Turkey

In Turkey a violent night ended with at least 161 people killed following a coup attempt; Another 1,000 people is reported hospitalized while about 1,563 military officers were detained across Turkey according to a source in the President's office .Most people dead were police officers killed in a gunfire exchange with a helicopter near the parliament complex in Ankara, Turkey's NTV reported. It said the building was damaged in the night's attacks.
The coup leaders said they’d done so in the name of protecting democracy and freedom despite Erdogan and his party been democratically elected.
In the Turkish context, this makes sense protecting democracy. The democratic nationalism and hardline secularism now called Kemalism practiced in modern Turkish Republic was founded around 1923 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, a former deeply committed military officer.
Within the military Erdogan is clearly a threat to Turkish democracy and secularism. He is the leader of the AKP, a moderate Islamist party that has "reformed" Turkish schools along Islamist lines. He also cracked down on Turkey’s freedom of the press and pushed constitutional changes that would consolidate dangerous amounts of power in the president’s hands.
Therefore Turkish military sees itself as the guardian of Kemalism, and has overthrown four Turkish governments since 1960 in the name of protecting Turkey’s democracy from chaos and Islamic influence. Each time afterwards, the military has returned the country to democracy though in a degraded form.

A Witness Katherine Cohen, an American who's staying in an Istanbul hotel, said she heard a loud explosion at sunrise, and gunfire and jets all through the night.
For much of the night, fighter jets flew low over Istanbul while armored vehicles streamed across a main bridge in the city. Gunshots rang out on Bosphorus Bridge, sending pro-government protesters down to the ground.
In Ankara, gunfire rang overnight as jets circled above.
"When I stuck my head out, I could see helicopters shooting," said another witness Diego Cupolo, a photojournalist based in Ankara.
He said he could see tracer rounds zip through the air.Bombs were thrown at the parliament building in Ankara. A helicopter the government says was stolen by coup plotters was shot down by an F-16.
Addressing  the country from Istanbul's Ataturk airport on Saturday from the seaside resort of Marmaris Erdogan called the attempt "treason."
And in reference to the suspected  mastermind of  the coup, Erdogan singled out Fethullah Gulen based in Pennsylvania," he said, in an apparent reference to Gulen, a cleric and former ally who lives in exile in Pennsylvania.
"The betrayal you have shown to this nation and to this community, that's enough. If you have the courage, come back to your country, If you can. You will not have the means to turn this country into a mess from where you are."

Fethullah Gulen however, denied any connection to the coup attempt condemned it In a statement released by his spokesman

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