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Duterte’s Drug War and brutality' Father and Son Killed

Police Standing Guard at the point of Crime 
The president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte just before his inauguration into office vowed to kill 100,000 drug pushers and other criminals during his first six months in office. The killings he said would mostly be confirmed drug pushers and other criminals who aid them.Duterte was elected in May promising to end the country’s drug epidemic, and he had a novel solution for how to do so by asking both police and the public including private militias to shoot anyone who is caught or known and dumped their bodies in the Manila Bay for the fish to grow fat on.
Since Duterte entered office six weeks ago, police have killed at least 700 suspected drug pushers in various operations and presently there are reported cases of corpse littering the streets of Philippine’s.

Relatives Cry Over The Body Of a Suspected Drug Dealer Killed By Police
 But within the drug war, the killings of Renato and Jaypee Bertes stand out.
The both men father and son shared a tiny room that includes six other people around the metropolitan slum of Manila. Both do odd jobs when they could get their hands on any and smoked shabu, a cheap form of methamphetamine that has become a scourge in the Philippines. Sometimes Jaypee Bertes sold it in small amounts according to some relatives.
Then the police came to their room and arrested both father and son
Investigators said, at the police station they were severely beaten before being shot to death.
A Suspect Drug Dealer Killed By Unknown Persons 
The story from the police side said the two had tried to escape by seizing an officer’s gun.But a forensic examination found that the men had been incapacitated by the beatings before they were shot and Jaypee Bertes had a broken right arm.
These rare killings of both father and son have prompted a legal action against the police. An independent government body representative that investigated the case Gwendolyn Pimentel-Gana, Philippine’s  Human Rights Commission member echoed both the voice of the united nations ,the United States and other International communities saying “There is no justification for the killings , “How can you shoot someone who is already in your custody?”

Two of the officers involved have been suspended, and the police said they would be charged with murder.

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