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He was Meant to be One of the Greatest Footballers

Former Inter and the Brazilian national team striker Adriano’s life seem to continue its downtrend. Born Adriano Leite Ribeiro and once earning £80,000-a-week, he is blessed with an incredible power and a ferocious left foot. At his peak, he scored a total of 27 goals in 48 appearances for his national team between 2000-2010 and while at Inter Milan, the forward won two Coppa Italia, two Scudettos and three Supercoppa Italiana, and in the process earned the nickname L'Imperatore (the Emperor).
He became one of the most dominant and feared strikers of his generation who possessed all the tools required to become one of the best strikers in the world of football and for a short time, he arguably was but all that seem like a distant past now.

The  inability to come to come to terms with the sudden passing of his father at the tragically young age of 44 brought a long list of personal problems which blighted what should have been a spectacular career a life of excess, indiscipline and a love for partying meant football became less and less a focus for the Brazilian, forcing an early retirement and a sad end for such a promising player that had shined for both club and country.

Inter could no longer deal with the wayward forward, who returned to Brazil and Flamengo on a permanent basis in 2010.that decision   earned him a move back to Europe with AS Roma, but the Italian club terminated his contract just within seven months.

An attempt to play for fourth division Miami United in the United States was called off, as Adriano slipped back into his daily life in one of Rio’s most dangerous ghettos.

Photos published online show Adriano getting his beard trimmed in one of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods, while another show him holding up a gun.This appears to be the new life of Adriano, whose career in football now seems to be over.

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