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Natural Herbs that Will Make you A Virgin Again No matter how sexually Active You've Been

In this modern world most people agree that the age where obsession with virginity is over and by the way not many men are worried about virginity. But one repeated question young people ask is how to restore virginity. One important thing however is that once broken it is not possible to restore hymen to its original form. Unlike earlier times the dynamics of relationships have changed, today dating’s starts from teenage days and hymen are broken easily when engaging in sexual intercourse which is what it ends up as, most of the time.
While surgery can fix a broken hymen to some extent it’s a process known to be
complicated, expensive and comes with an excruciating pain. Nonetheless many young women based on religious value still ask to restore their virginity.Not only this even for matured adults a loose vagina can affect relationships between couples. The good news is vagina can be restored to an extent without even going through the surgery process. Although not scientifically proven yet.A tight vagina is important for a woman because it is helpful both, sexually
and otherwise.

5 Natural methods u can apply to make your vagina firm again :

1.Pueraria Mirifica

Utilizing this natural home remedy to tighten your vagina is very effective. This could  also be used for breast enlargement. According to some experts that have been studying the Pueraria Mirifica claims it gives the vagina a firmer pull.

2.Witch Hazel

Grind the powder of this herb and wash your private part with it once a week to make your vagina tight, then you should just let it do its works


To rapidly restore the elasticity of your vagina boil some gooseberries in water and store the resultant in a bottle. When you take bath every day, apply this solution over the vagina and the result outcome will surprise u.

4.Oak Gall

This is Thai herb contains a lubricating and powerful soothing compound.The Oak Apple or Oak Gall is a round large apple like Gall commonly found many species of oak. It helps to tighten the vaginal walls.All u need to do is cut it open and rub the seedlings on your vagina.
5.Curcuma Comosa

Just within a month, this herb will strengthen the vaginal wall and the pelvic tissues all u need to do is to just Rub this herb all over your vagina. Comosa then will perform its work by strengthening the walls of your uterus.

Recently, Scientists released a controversial information on how to go about all this in the most natural way so ever. Apparently, u can tighten your vagina again even if just to regain tightness after u have been sexually active for a long time.

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