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This Japanese Tennis Star Is So Loved in China that Chinese Citizens rallied behind Her

Li Xiaoxia easily made it to the women’s singles finals by beating Japan’s Ai Fukuhara.The Chinese defending champion won by 4-0 in the semi-final of the single woman tennis championship but it was the Japanese athlete who received more applause from Chinese fans on Chinese social media Weibo. While Histories of conflict, ongoing diplomatic spats and a rise in nationalist sentiment have led to several vitriolic attacks on Japanese using Chinese social media. Japan doesn't always have an easy ride on Chinese social media.

But Fukuhara has a huge Chinese fan base to which she is known as the “Japanse Doll”. As a teenager, Fukuhara trained with the Chinese national table tennis team in northern Liaoning province and speaks fluent Chinese in Northern dialect. She still has a Chinese coach.

On social media,Thousands of Chinese fans was heard  comforting the girl they call "Japanese doll" or by the affectionate Japanese term "Ai-chan"."Don't Cry, Ai-chan" has been trending on China's micro-blogging platform Sina Weibo since Japan's Ai Fukuhara lost on Wednesday.
Fukuhara is so popular in China, that some suggest she should marry a mainland Chinese man, an unusually warm gesture from Chinese social media towards a Japanese woman.
The Japanese Olympian is active on social media, posting regular updates into her life.
One Weibo user Gaoaonan said,  "It would be perfect if you had a Chinese boyfriend".
But, Fukuhara already has a boyfriend.who is from Taiwan.
They adore her because she has a strong connection with China. We watched her cry as she went through tough practices, earning herself a nickname of "Cry Baby Ai-chan" We watched her practice against adults despite being just tall enough to see the top of the table. Most say the 27-year-old Olympic feels like family when she speaks Mandarin.
On Thursday, Fukuhara posted on Weibo using  Mandarin Chinese to thank her coach with a promise  she would cheer up.
A Chinese player may have won the match but she has won China's heart.

While many in china still see her as the cry baby who they watched grow up, her homeland japan celebrate her decade-long effort and devotion to table tennis.

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