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Top 7 Biggest Film Industries In The World

Advances in affordable film making equipment have allowed film production to evolve in many countries. Some of these countries overcame various challenges to develop a massive film industry that both serve their home country and different parts of the world. film industry could be classified into the largest box office by market value and countries with the largest number of film productions. The film industry  includes commercial and technological institutions of filmmaking, film production companies, actor, film production ,screenwriting , distribution, film directors, cinematography, and other film crew personnel.

The top 7 countries with the largest number of film productions are:

7.Yeşilçam or Turkish cinema

The Turkish cinema revolution started in 1995 and by the year 2000 ticket sales rose to about $20 million. Since then the number of theaters has relentlessly increased to roughly 500 across the nation. Turkish movies right now draw in a large number of viewers and routinely gather to watch blockbuster films regularly bringing in huge sums in the film market industry of turkey.

6. Japan Film Industry

The Japanese film industry produces for a year about 400 feature films, which collect about 2 billion dollars. The success of Japanese movie studios could explain: they simply failed to find its niche. Thrillers and horror movies is a corporate fad Japanese directors.

5. South Korea

Film in South Korea became popular in the 90s and through the years has risen to become Asia’s media powerhouse supplying most Asian countries such as China, Japan, and much of Southeast Asia entertainments.In 2012 domestic films earned $44 million whereas foreign films brought in $35 million. most of the films are both historical and deeply personal often highlighting Korean troubled history, (Japanese occupation, Korean War, the division of the peninsula).
4. Nigeria

Nigerian film worth over US$3.5 billion is Africa’s biggest motion picture industry in wording esteem and the quantity of motion pictures delivered every year. The rise of moderate computerized shooting and altering innovations has lifted the nation’s film and video industry. Nigeria’s film industry is the 2nd film industry after India in terms number of film productions per year on the planet.


In the 1930’s the cinema of china picked up its prime era in which the film industry
earned huge sums. One notable film is “The Mermaid” which earned CN¥3 billion on box office. Due to Japanese invasion in 1937 it went down only to rise after the war and again went down due to communism.

2. India

The India multi-lingual film industry worth about $5.8 billion is the largest maker of movies in the world with regard to the number of films produced. It started around 103 years ago. In 2009 India delivered an aggregate of 2,961 movies incorporating around 1,288 featured films. It’s also the largest film industry in the world as per tickets sold.

1. United States

Cinema of United States also called Hollywood is the most established film industry on the planet. It started producing films over 121 years back. And is the biggest film industry on income earned Hollywood rack in about showed around $10 billion annually.

The list above combines both the largest film industry in terms of film output which India is at the top with some 1300 films made the largest box office with the USA sitting at the top.to get the results the total number of films produced were divided by the total amount earned by box office across countries.

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