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Video:Rio Will End Up As The Most Crime Infested Olympics Ever

The Olympics going on in Rio is been over shadowed by a storm of bad news which includes the Zika virus outbreak, violent crimes and infrastructure failures. There is a saying that,if battling pickpockets were an Olympic sport at the current Summer Games, the Brazilian authorities might qualify for a medal.

Crime is high in the city even though over 85,000 security forces is been deployed in Rio de Janeiro, by the state government in the face of soaring street crime. Still, the overwhelming show of force has not exactly vanquished crime. The chief of security for the opening ceremony was mugged at knife point on Friday night as he left Olympic Stadium; a stray bullet landed in the equestrian arena media tent on Saturday, just missing a New Zealand sports official; and on Saturday night, Portugal’s education minister was assaulted as he strolled along Rio’s upscale lagoon, the site of the rowing competition.Three tourists were kidnapped at gunpoint and marched into a favela in Rio as soaring robbery figures suggest the Olympic Games may be on course to be the most crime-ridden to date.A group of Swedish travelers were captured moments after stepping out of their taxi.This and over hundreds of other unreported crimes especially snatch thieves have dent the image of this year's Olympics as the most crime infested Olympics ever.
A long history of violent crime exists in Rio just as many athletes in town have already suffered from a variety of attacks, most commonly muggings.

Brazil’s Secretary of Public Security Jose Mariano reported by Breitbart News  said there the high crime which athletes and spectators will be subjected in Rio this week has no solution “Historically, unfortunately, that is how Rio de Janeiro is.” He said

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