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Here are the countries with the Most McDonald's outlet

Despite its shrinking businesses, the global fast food outlet aim to open outlets in Tanzania and Ghana 

McDonald's Corp a  top global restaurant with more than 36,500 locations and about 1.9 million workers comprising both full and part time worldwide. The $100 billion Company  first restaurant opened in 1948 in San Bernardino and expanded internationally first in 1967 to Canada and later to Puerto Rico. The iconic fast food empire has opened restaurants across more than 115 countries making it the most global sought after fast food outlet. But while some countries boost of multiple outlets of the restaurant others mainly in third world countries are yet to witness the presence of this magnificent global restaurant.
Here are the countries with the Most McDonald's outlet  

1. 14,267 outlets - The United States
The official figure in the United States is about 14,267 restaurants making it the most McDonald's located country .The states with the highest concentration are Maryland Ohio, Michigan, Kansas, and Louisiana. But MacDonald’s does not have the highest number of restaurants in the United States subway has while in Europe McDonald's has more locations than any other fast food restaurant  and only about 31.5% of McDonald's revenue comes from the United States, which is far less than Europe overall.

2.  2,975 outlets - Japan
As of 2015 there is about 3,000 McDonald's location in Japan making it the fast food’s largest and most important market in Asia. Although recently this market have been shrinking due to higher input costs and a health-conscious consumer base. The Japanese market still contributes significantly to the global revenue to the restaurant

3. 2,000 outlets - China
Even though China allowed McDonald’s open its restaurants in 1990 although it has a presence in neighboring countries like Japan 1971, Hong Kong 1975 and the Philippines in 1981. China contributes about 20% of McDonald's global revenue and only Japan has more locations in Asia.

4. 1,472 outlets - Germany

5. 1,386 outlets - France

6. 1,262 outlets - The United Kingdom

7. 1,400 outlets - Canada. McDonald's opened its first Canadian restaurant in Richmond, British Columbia, in June 1967

Europe accounts for 7,920 McDonald's outlets, and France ,Germany and the United Kingdom hosts 4,120 of the outlets making it the most profitable continent for the restaurant outside the united states, in fact this region boasts the restaurant chain's greatest amount of revenue.

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