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Manchester United sets record with over $761 million in revenue

Manchester United's current financial filings show that it made a profit of £68.9m million with total revenue of £515.3 million which is more than expected therefore setting a new world record for revenue by any English club, though it is still less than the £570million announced by Barcelona in July. It has a market value of $2.8 billion making it the most valuable publicly-held team in the world.
The compensation for former manager Louis Van Gaal and his staff as reported in the 2016 annual report stated £8.4million as the total amount received when they were fired in May.The club reported an increase in retail revenue up to 207.9% that equates to £97.3million
While Staff cost went up by 14.6% £232.3million

Bastian Schweinsteiger who was brought over to United by Van Gaal in 2015 was listed as a £6.7million write-off in the report.
The club's aim is to continue setting records with revenue in 2017 forecasted to reach £530million to £540million for that year
Even though it didn't make it into the Champions League United announced 14 new sponsorship deals during the 2016 fiscal year.

Ed Woodward, the club's executive vice chairman said the continual strong financial performance by united would enable the club to invest on player’s, team management and facilities to position the club challenge and win trophies in the coming years.

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