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North Korea Infiltrates Japanese missile defense system

Recently North Korea simultaneously fired what is believed to be 3 mid-range Rodong missiles, which could fly up to 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) from areas around Hwangju County toward the Sea of Japan.

Missile launched from North Korea
The Japanese defense ministry estimates the missiles fell between 125 and 155 miles from Japan's northern island of Hokkaido.
Local newspaper Sankei Shimbun stated Tuesday that Pyongyang purpose of launching the multiple missiles is to test out the missile defense systems of Japan, the United States, and South Korea and to make it more difficult for an interception.

Accordingly, a Japanese command to "destroy" any incoming North Korean missiles repeatedly failed to recognize North Korea preparations for a missile test maybe because Pyongyang used a road mobile launcher, also known as a transporter erector launcher.
The “destroy command” which include the deployment of SM3 interceptor missiles and Patriot missiles. The PAC system is also deployed near a site in Tokyo said defense agency.
Japan Readies PAC-3 Missile Defense in Preparation for North Korean Missile Launching

The launches came hours after Chinese President Xi Jinping told his South Korean counterpart at the G20 that Beijing opposes the deployment of the United States' THAAD missile defense system to South Korea.
The stated purpose of the deployment of THAAD system according to the United States and south Korea is to defend South Korea from any missile attack from the North but Beijing views it as an attempt to shift the regional power balance in favor of US allies. "THAAD has a range that could hit weapons in China.
The THAAD missile defense system
The shortcomings of the "THAAD includes a forward-looking radar with a 120-degree which means that "North Korea's submarines would not have to travel very far out to sea to attack the THAAD system from behind."Another significant shortcoming is that a  missile mounted on a truck and deployed on land, in the manner of the Chinese DF-21, and Fired straight up  whether from submarine or land  would decrease the THAAD effectiveness According to a report (pdf) by the US Defense Technical Information Center.

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