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People Going Crazy For for the 'Lose virginity' Drink in China

"Blackout in a can" a known notorious drink has made its way to china from the US.
Some Chinese online retailers described Four Loko  as a drink that contains both alcohol and caffeine. They  claim the combination could make people blackout after drinking just one can.

However,  Loko's parent company says the online retailers offering Four Loko drinks with caffeine in china are "imposters" and "unauthorized retailers" with no affiliation to the official company. since stimulants such as caffeine,guarana and taurine was removed from all four lokos  products in 2010 after  US Food and Drug Administration raised health concerns about the health effects of the combination. and that all the company's products have b been removed from stores in several states until its ingredients are adjusted.

People in China normally drink strong liquors and spirits and most times this leads to tragic consequences and this  drink comes as a fruit-flavored alcoholic beverage with at least 12% alcohol content making it perfect for their consumption.

Chinese media reported Earlier this week, of a bridesmaid in Hainan who died after drinking large amounts of rice wine at a wedding encouraged by several onlookers.
Also, drink made headlines after three women in their twenties had their belongings stolen when they smuggled the drink into a karaoke bar and passed out after drinking it.
It's picked up steam in recent months in China, with Several vloggers uploading videos of themselves drinking the 695ml cans of drink  keen to show off their drinking prowess on social media

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