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Police "cow service commission" arrests cow meat eaters in India

In Muslim-dominated Haryana state, governed by India's ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) police are  checking dishes of mutton biryani to ensure that they did not contain beef in what critics say it was an example of "food fascism"

After "some people" complained last week that beef was being used in their food, samples of biryani were taken by the local police for investigation. The state recently made laws against cow slaughter and set up a special police force to protect cows named "police cow service commission".
While many Indians mostly (Muslims, Christians, and few Hindus) eat the cow meat, India's Hindu majority see cows as a sacred animal. Based on government data,  80 million Indians eat beef or buffalo meat.

In nearby villages’ the crackdown on biryani sellers on the suspicion that they were using beef in their dishes did affect the local business, pictures showed empty stalls on the local highway with mostly poor biryani sellers complaining they had lost their livelihood.

But according to Amita Baviskar, a professor of sociology people will always find ways to eat kind of food they want as human beings don't like to be told what to eat and by targeting sellers, just as prohibition has led to a thriving black market in alcohol in the western state of Gujarat the food police may end up driving cow meat underground.

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