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Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery Easiness Baffles French Authorities

The five men that held Kardashian West at gunpoint and stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry disguised as police officers came and left the scene on bicycles.
Kardashian West and the concierge  told  police that the robbers were all European men between 40 and 50 years old and spoke French without an accent.

The Hôtel de Pourtalès concierge told authorities the five men buzzed the intercom in the early hours of Monday, demanding to see Kardashian, 35  when he opened the door  they pointed a gun at his head and forced him to unlock the door to Kardashian’s apartment.

They were aware she had jewelry and was alone that evening.Upon breaking in the men demanded in French: “Where’s the rapper’s wife? The men might not have even known Kardashian West by name.
The entire operation as narrated by the police. Two of the men and the concierge went upstairs to Kardashian West’s apartment and tied her up while the other robbers searched the apartment for jewelries which was reportedly left on the table by the reality star. After the operation, all five men departed on bicycles. The operation was extremely professional and the robbers left no traces or DNA According to the BFM TV report.

The question is how a low-ranking concierge could have such an easy access to VIP apartments, and according to report french authorities  remain baffled at the  ease with which he was able to guide the robbers straight to the star’s bedroom without interruption.

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