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As World mourn the Brazilian Football team a look back at other Crashes that involved sports Teams around the World

As the world mourns the deaths of Brazilian football players aboard a LAMIA Flight 2933 that crashed into a mountain in Colombia. Seventy-one people were killed from Brazil's Chapecoense soccer team while six survived, those killed where Players, coaches and invited guests.

We take a look back at some other crashes that involved sports teams around the world.

Torino Soccer Club

On May 4 1949 just outskirt of Turin, Italy, a Fiat airplane carrying 31 Torino Soccer team slammed into a mountain killing 22 members of the club.

Manchester United

On Feb. 6 1958 a plane carrying the Manchester United team crashed as it was about taking off from Munich’s airport. Out Of  44 people aboard, 23 died, that includes eight journalists and  eight players.

United States Skating Team

On Feb. 15 1961 an 18-member team was on their  way to the World Figure Skating Championships in Prague  when the Sabena plane plunged into a field in Belgium, The entire team was killed.

Marshall University Football Club

All 75 people on board was killed on Nov. 14 1970 when a Southern Airways DC-9, flying towards Tri-State Airport in West Virginia, hit the tops of pine trees, crashed into a mountainside and exploded.

Old Christians Rugby Union Club
On Oct. 13 1972 A Uruguayan Air Force plane carrying 45 people members of the Old Christians rugby club and their supporters, crashed on high in the Andes Mountains of Argentina, out of the Twenty-seven people who initially survived the crash eight were killed by an avalanche while sleeping in the plane’s fuselage.

University of Evansville Basketball Team

On Dec. 13 1977 after taking off in heavy fog and rain a chartered DC-3 plane carrying 31 people, including the basketball team from the University of Evansville in Indiana, crashed and burned killing all on board.

Peruvian Soccer Team, Alianza Lima

On Dec. 8 1987 A Navy plane carrying Alianza Lima a Peru first-division soccer team plunged into the Pacific Ocean, killing 16 players  including the team’s coach. The plane was on its way back to the capital from a game in Pucallpa, a jungle city 355 miles northeast.

Zambian National Soccer Team

On their way to play Dakar on April 27 1993 to play Senegal in a World Cup match qualifying match  the Zambia’s national team plane crashed over the Atlantic after refueling in Libreville, the capital of Gabon killing Eighteen players and five officials.

Yaroslavl Lokomotiv Hockey Team

On Sept. 7 2011 A Russian chartered airline  crashed during takeoff near the city of Yaroslavl, killing all but two of the 45 Yaroslavl Lokomotiv.‘s Hockey Team members on board.

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