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Europe's biggest Economy, Germany is Looking for Skilled Workers

The German economy, which up till this moment keeps showing resistance to the uncertainty and pessimism engulfing the world, is looking to add to its workforce. In Europe's biggest economy securing scarce skilled labor is an issue for German Companies who are reportedly set to hire half a million more people next year.

That shortage could be disastrous for the German economy, where almost one in four jobs depends on exports. German manufacturers, export 50 per cent of the goods they produce abroad and a lack of quality workers could affect the country’s export.

A recent poll by The Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) reveal that companies within the country are planning to hire a total of 450,000 new employees by next year. After lackluster quarterly growth of only 0.2% in the third quarter, 0.7% in the first quarter and 0.4% in the second signals are pointing to a regain in momentum.
Germany's Bild daily, citing the results of the survey said the sectors where new staffs are required to be hired in 2017 are in health care, nursing and education where 150,000 people are needed while retail and catering could add 100,000 jobs.
Martin Wansleben DIHK Managing Director told "Bild" that the lack of skilled labor is increasingly becoming worrisome to companies across the country.
Citing the labor shortage, officials from DIHK while promising millions of euros for language training programs highlighted the need to integrate migrants and incorporate them into the labor market as soon as possible.

However, while the German economy will likely end the year on a high note, some are worried about the country’s trade outlook in the wake of the Brexit. Ilse Aigner, Germany’s economy minister, recently said that Brexit poses a “high risk” to Germany, and any negative shock to the economy or any of its important trading partners could reverse the momentum witnessed recently.

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