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The Markets just Choose the Winner of the US Election

Although recent polls show Trump closing in on Hilary Clinton's lead, at least five major polls on Monday showed Clinton still ahead Lessons from Britain's shock Brexit vote in June that defied most polls and bookmakers' odds have made investors wary of where to place their money in a period of uncertainty brought by the US Presidential Election holding later today.
Clinton, who until last week's stumble is seen as the likely winner in Tuesday's presidential vote is perceived by investors as offering greater certainty and stability than Trump.

Both Candidates rounded up their elections today

Last week’s decision to further investigate Clinton didn't go well with the market with virtually all markets going bearish however the US Federal Bureau of Investigation decision earlier on Sunday to stand by its July finding that Clinton was not guilty of criminal wrongdoing in her use of a private email server brought a reversal to last week’s trend. On Monday Asian markets, closed up 2.22% erasing the 1.94% slide last week in one session but Japan's Nikkei surrendered earlier gains to trade 0.2 percent lower on Tuesday, weighed down by the yen's rise following Monday's losses.

The S&P 500 index, an important lead for Asian markets on Monday recorded their biggest one-day percentage gain since March 1, Overnight Wall Street shares soared between 2.1 and 2.4 percent With a Clinton win likely to have been partially priced in prior to last week’s news on the FBI investigations.
For North American markets the Mexican peso, went down early as the perceived chances of an election victory by Republican Donald Trump increased gained momentum on Monday and closed higher.

Safe investments to hold in the case of volatility

Meanwhile, confidence was lacking in the Crude oil market for a reversal as prices drifted into a sideway trade even though OPEC Chief said on Tuesday that Russia is “on board” with an OPEC agreement to limit crude oil production, the statement provided some support for prices but the uncertainty surrounding the US Presidential elections and API crude oil report looming ahead stalled the market.

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