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Trumps Presidency could End the postwar world order

As we all adopt a wait and see approach to Trump's election victory, political uncertainty has gripped the world, in American history the world does not know what foreign policy to expect from its president-elect.

The current unfolding events across the globe if not addressed could  hurt long term political stability, and  spell trouble for the global economic outlook, which is already looking shaky amid an expected potential radical twist in U.S. Foreign and trade policy due to Trump's shock election victory.
Here's a breakdown of  issues and its implications.
In Europe Trump’s presidency would most likely alter the course of the Brexit process. Director of the political analysis group Open Europe Stephen Booth, thinks that member states are more concerned about a U.S. disengagement from Europe on security and foreign policy matters than the UK leaving the Union this could make other member states turn to the U.K. For a closer partnership on current issues, therefore putting the UK in a stronger position to bargain on its exist.
And for countries holding an election soon, Far-right  leaders’ are campaigning on trumps success in France, for example voters are set to choose a new president and far right leaders are banking on trumps success to spur voters Front National party (FN), presidential candidate Marine Le Pen recently declared "their world is collapsing. Ours is being built.
Waiting to see if Trumps campaign promises are loose talk or hardened policy
Prescriptions, is the question before Asian leaders who are faced with domestic uproar. South Korea’s President Park has been under pressure for allowing a close friend, Choi Soon-Sil to interfere in state affairs opposition parties announced recently that they will soon begin amassing signatures to remove the president from office and review procedures for the impeachment process.
In Malaysia Tens of thousands took to the streets of Kuala Lumpur on Saturday that saw at least 15 activists and members of the political opposition arrested on the demand of the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Razak over his alleged involvement in a grand corruption case
Southeast Asia's largest economy Indonesia also witnessed a massive rally over the weekend as citizens called for national unity amid deepening religious divisions. An investigation focusing on Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama is underway after the 50-year old Christian cited a Koranic verse during a Sept. 27 speeches.
While in Myanmar following attacks on three police, border posts, which the government believes was the work of a jihadist organization the country's western Rakhine state, home to 1.1 million people who identify themselves as Rohingya Muslims, has witnessed mounting brutality since coming under security lockdown in early October.
Also Beijing's historic interference in a domestic Hong Kong legal case has sparked renewed trouble in the special administrative territory (SAR). Under the "One Country, Two Systems" formula, the recent ruling sparked fears of growing Chinese encroachment and pressure on pro-democracy advocates.
The death of Thailand King Bhumibol Adulyadej's in October has resurfaced concerns about the country's return to democracy two years following a military coup. However, the country is still in the official mourning period until late 2017 and the military junta is widely expected to continue to consolidate power and push back elections in 2018.
Trumps campaign centered on China. He threatened an all-out trade war with Beijing, which he accused of "raping" the US. While It is possible that Trump's might bash China to establish authority as a new commander-in-chief a face-off between Beijing and Washington could drag the world into a recession.
Though there is no clear direction on what a Trump presidency will actually look like in relation to Africa. His presidency would most likely push Africa in the direction of China. Until China came along, African countries were following the Western ideas of democracy and civil society as a gateway to modernity and development. But the rise of china and the development of a new world order, including huge Chinese investment pouring into Africa brought  China closer to Africa and kept  America drifting afar. Chinese development presents a different narrative, one that some African governments interested in building an economic  power have largely embraced. Also, the president elect’s outspoken opposition to traditional human rights principles, including a threat he made to prosecute his opponent Hillary Clinton after the election, his plan to build a wall between the US and Mexico, and his gleeful promises to ‘bomb the shit out of ISIS’ don’t fit the picture US public diplomacy has so far presented to Africa.
Middle East
Authoritarian leaders and human rights abusers welcomed Trump’s victory Across the Middle East and North Africa. Trump’s foreign policy positions were vague and many expect, his presidency to be unorthodox and unpredictable.But clues to how he might shape the course of events in the region was revealed during his campaign. Trumps think it’s wrong to fight both Assad and ISIS at once and prefers to focus on the jihadist group. So far he had said little of Assad’s crimes:
The pulverizing of noncombatants neighborhoods with bombs, the adopting of starvation as a weapon of war, accumulation detention and torture carried out inside government prisons and targeting of hospitals. And he does not separate the ISIS and other armed opposition groups fighting for liberation.
He appears uninterested in giving concern to things not directly in America’s interest. Trump may turn the other way on rights abuses, something that could hearten authoritarian leaders across the region. Leaders like Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in whom under their watch hundreds of people died and still dying for coup related offenses.  

Speaking in March to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a pro-Israel lobbying group on the Iran accord he promised to build better relations with countries in the region and vowed to disengage some ties that were repaired. Such as the Iran deal that blocked Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. But he has as well conceded that it would be actual difficult to do so, instead he would “police that arrangement so tight that they
Won’t get a chance” to breach it.

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