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Jose Mourinho could face jail time Over Tax Avoidance

Details of top soccer players and coaches tax arrangements that includes Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho and Mesut Ozil was recently released by European media outlets that prompted an outcry and investigations into claims that they are being aided by advisers to avoid paying tax on earnings with the use of image rights for product endorsement.

The European Investigative Collaborations consortium alongside several newspapers, including Germany’s Der Spiegel and the Sunday Times claims to have found evidence suggesting tax officials in Britain and Spain had been misled by Mourinho’s advisers based on a leak of more than 18m documents.

Germany’s Der Spiegel said that more revelations would be published in the coming weeks, giving “an unprecedented look into the gloomy depths of the modern football industry. The outlet, which was passed the documents from whistle-blowing outlet Football Leaks, alleged that files uncovered include photographs, spreadsheets and emails.
Also cited in the reports is Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo, who is alleged to have moved money to tax havens in the British Virgin Islands in what is described as “highly aggressive tax avoidance” by the Sunday Times.

Meanwhile a document that allegedly shows Cristiano Ronaldo is in compliance with Spain’s tax authority was released by his agent recently.
Gestifute a publishing company owned by Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes released a certified document by Spanish fiscal authorities which show that the player is “up to date on his tax obligations.
On Friday the company also published a similar document in Mourinho’s name.

Gestifute reiterated that both Cristiano Ronaldo and José Mourinho are fully compliant with their tax obligations with the Spanish and British tax authorities. Neither Cristiano Ronaldo nor José Mourinho has ever been involved in legal proceedings regarding committing a tax offense from any country where they have lived.”

And that “Any insinuation or accusation made to Cristiano Ronaldo or José Mourinho over the commission of a tax offense will be reported to the legal authorities and prosecuted.”

However, Spanish parliament’s tax committee member Lopez Milla had called for the reopening of the case so as to “investigate whether Mourinho has committed any criminal offense on tax fraud”the

Also in the UK an influential committee of MPs chair also called on the tax authorities to investigate the financial affairs of José Mourinho, to ascertain if millions of pounds were moved offshore to avoid tax as claimed by the report.

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