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Video: Drunk men kill Pregnant dancer for refusing to dance (viewer discretion is advised)

In a horrifying scene like the ones seen in movies, a pregnant dancer from Bathinda a Punjab state in Northern India was shot dead on stage for refusing to dance. It was reported Kulwinder Kaur died after she was gunned down at a wedding by some drunk men who were angry that they could not dance with her.

The husband of the young woman, one Rajinder Singh  claimed that when she was killed, she was three months pregnant.
The drunk men tried to get on stage so they could dance with the girl dancers, but was refused by the stage management he said.

Then the men grew frustrated and fired a gun out of anger, with a bullet hitting his wife and killing her instantly. Shocking video of the shotgun attack was posted online and went viral.
Police Senior Superintendent Swapan Sharma confirmed that four people were involved in the murder of the 25-year-old and have since been arrested and as of when releasing this report are still under custody.
“Both weapons found by officers belonged to Sanjay Goyal, but Lucky was holding the 0.32 bore revolver, as per the video clipping which we have seen” “Lucky fired in the air while trying to go on stage. Sanjay Goyal was also near the stage holding his 0.12 gun. Both weapons have been recovered.”he said.

Among those arrested were Lucky Goyal, leader of the Sikh political party, Shiromani Akali Dal, and his friend Sanjay Goyal, while two other suspects remain unnamed.

Viewer discretion is advised

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