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Xi and Trump’s Differences could destroy U.S. China relations

US president elect Donald Trump left and Chinese president Xi Jinping

The pairing of China’s guarded,calculating president, Xi Jinping and America’s loud, ad-libbing president-elect, Donald J. Trump,contrasts as politicians, and has injected new unpredictability into relations between the world’s two largest economies. Both came to power vowing to restore their countries to greatness.

President elect Donald Trump seemingly guided by visceral reflexes and vague since elected has been blaring warnings at China while Xi, the son of a Communist veteran disciplined and steely rarely speaks off the cuff in public.
In what has left outsiders’ guessing about when and how he will act on his demands, Xi always adheres to policy points when meeting foreign leaders while his seemingly impromptu gestures are often carefully choreographed, as he has shown in the South China Sea issue, he is capable of bold actions but tend to shroud his thinking in a cloud of slogans.

A taste of how Mr. Trump’s and Xi’s different styles was seen after China seized an underwater drone from the United States Navy, if bigger tensions were to break out over the South China Sea, trade imbalances, North Korea’s nuclear weapons or other issues that Mr. Trump has raised and if not properly handled could escalate to bigger quarrels.
After the Chinese military confirmed that it had seized a submersible drone in waters about 50 miles northwest of Subic Bay in the Philippines. The Pentagon revealed the seizure, and China’s Ministry of National Defense said it would return the device, which can be used to monitor undersea currents and conditions, in an “appropriate manner.”

Former senior director for Asian affairs at the National Security Council Evan S. Medeiros, said by email “I could not think of two more different protagonists in the great drama of U.S.-China relations,”. “Personalities matter a lot in international relations, especially between great powers.”
Still on China “The situation could become quite combustible,” said Jessica Chen Weiss an associate professor at Cornell University who studies Chinese foreign policy.
The government of China will hit back forcefully against any radical efforts to challenge the status quo
So far Trump has not said how he would handle similar disputes. But his other comments so far suggest that he will take a blunt, less predictable course on China.
Trump spoke on phone with Tsai Ing-wen, president of Taiwan earlier this month, breaking from nearly 40 years of American presidents and presidents-elect avoiding direct conversation with the leader of the island, over which China claims sovereignty.
Citing the buildup of military outposts in the South China Sea and its reluctance to isolate North Korea Trump suggested he could depart from the One China principle, which blocks Washington from diplomatic ties with Taiwan, in order to seek concessions from Beijing.
Xi has not reacted publicly to Mr. Trump’s warnings all this while. After Mr. Trump won the election, both men had a brief but cordial call. However, pressure for a tougher reaction to Trump could build in China if he keeps lobbing out warnings.

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