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AirAsia reports a fourth quarter load factor of 85%

factor load of 85%

KUALA LUMPUR - In the fourth quarter of 2016, Air Asia Bhd said it recorded a load factor of 85%, up 2 percentage points from the same period last year.

In 2016, the group carried a total of 56.59 million passengers for a load factor of 86%.
Its overall number of passengers increased 7% year-on-year to 14.51 million, ahead of the 5% increase in seat capacity target the carrier said.
The group’s total fleet size stood at 172 aircraft as at the end of its quarterly review excluding two aircraft delivered to Air Asia Japan but yet to commence operations.

Its Malaysian operations achieved a load factor of 87% in the fourth Quarter of 2016, up 2 percentage points according to Air Asia.
And with the number of passengers carried has risen by 5%  to 6.76 million It added that demand exceeded the 2% increase in capacity.

Meanwhile, Thai Air Asia recorded an unchanged load factor of 82% in the fourth Quarter of 2016, with the number of passengers carried at 4.37 million, an increase of 8% near to the capacity growth of 10% in 2016.
“Two additional aircraft was allocated to Thai Air Asia during the quarter therefore ending the year with a fleet of 51 aircraft. In 2016, Thai Air Asia carried 17.22 million passengers and posted a load factor of 84%, up 3 percentage points from 2015,” the company said in a statement.

Also Indonesia Air Asia recorded a load factor of 83% in the fourth Quarter of 2016, a rise of  3 percentage points, in line with the turnaround strategy the total number of passengers carried was 1.55 million with a reduced capacity of 10%, Indonesia Air Asia carried 6.52 million passengers and averaged a load factor of 84% in 2016.

Air Asia, India posted a load factor of 86% in 4Q16 while Philippines Air Asia reported a load factor of 85%.
Air Asia X Bhd (AAX) reported an improved overall operating performance in 2016 resulting from the successful turnaround initiatives applied during the year.
Online with capacity growth of 43%, in the fourth Quarter of 2016 the company recorded high double-digit increase in passengers carried about 40% to 1.38 million.

In a separate statement the carrier said the huge capacity injected during the quarter was to cater demand arising from year-end holiday travels.
For the same period last year, AAX said passenger load factor dropped two percentage points to 81% against 83%, as available seat per Kilometers (ASK) grew 44% to 8,474 million in the fourth Quarter of 2016.

AAX remains cautious and anticipate a challenging environment moving forward into 2017, however, the management remains confident to ensure sustainable growth,” Air Asia said.

As in 2016 operationally, has been a success turnaround story with various phases of turnaround initiative carried out positively during the year.

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