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Gambia crisis: As troops close in Jammeh Refuses to step down

Yahya Jammeh Gambia's longtime leader is facing a showdown with troops from neighboring countries who entered the small West African country yesterday in order to enforce last month's presidential election the results.

Jammeh, took power following a 1994 military coup, in December he suffered a surprise election defeat to Barrow, who won 45% of the vote. He first conceded to defeat, but later announced his rejection of the results.
The Commission of the Economic Community of West African States, (ECOWAS) gave Jammeh until Friday noon to step aside for new President Adama Barrow or be forcibly removed.

The UN Security Council also backed the effort just as thousands of troops from Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana and Togo entered Gambia in order to enforce the order.

Based on a Reuters report Marcel A. de Souza, ECOWAS president said’
"If at noon he doesn't accept to leave Gambia, the troops will intervene militarily to remove him by force so we can install the new President with all his powers in accordance with the Gambian Constitution,”
"By land, sea and air, Gambia is surrounded. A total of 7,000 men will participate in the mission to re-establish democracy in Gambia."

On Friday, the United Nations put out a call to stakeholders, within and outside the country, to ensure the peaceful transfer of power in accordance to the rule of law.

Gambia is a tiny country in West Africa

Meanwhile, the new president Barrow was sworn in Senegal on Thursday creating a standoff in the tiny West African country.
Amid the turmoil around 45,000 people reportedly left for Senegal from the Gambia, according to the UN refugee agency.
Talks to get Jammeh step down continues as Presidents of Guinea and Mauritania arrived in Banjul early on friday in an attempt to offer the former leader one last chance to leave peacefully.
Gambia's President Elect Top and Defeated President below 
The former leader has been attempting to negotiate an amnesty against potential prosecution for human rights abuses during his time in office.

Mohamed Ibn Chambas, special representative of the UN secretary-general and head of the UN Office for West Africa and the Sahel, is also a key figure in talks with regional leaders to convince Jammeh to leave.

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