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Here is the World’s First Moisturizing Pajamas by Emirates

Emirates First Class Sleeping Set
If you’ve flown Emirates First Class you will agree that one of the biggest issues that First Class flyers experience when relaxing in style high up in the air is its pajamas. Although its sand colored and very light pajamas were quite comfortable the airline seems to have found a way to make them super comfy.

In fact, the airline has improved on many things in its first class division and not just the pajamas alone.
The new pajamas called” the world's first moisturizing sleepwear for the skies", by Emirates  also comes with a matching slippers and an eye mask specially made for First Class flyers traveling on overnight flights. It comes with Hydra Active Microcapsule Technology to ensure that their skin remains soft while flying. The fabric gently releases naturally nutrient rich sea kelp which stimulates circulation and prevents dehydration altogether as they move around Combined with soft, sheep-skin like blankets, therefore making it easy for passengers to settle and sleep.

Upon all, emirates added a felt pouch so that First Class travelers can bring the pajamas and it’s eye mask home with them if they want and with the Microcapsule Technology, travelers can use the pajamas again and again, even after multiple washes.
Emirates introduced some great pajamas as mentioned above, but that's not all

Firstly Class passengers will also enjoy the new and improved amenity kits from Bulgari.
The amenity designer kits come with fine leather that includes Bulgari's woody floral fragrance Eau Parfumée au thé noir - as well as skin care essentials and lip balm to keep your skin and lips feeling great.

Now you see why Emirates First Class flyers arrive at their destinations with plenty of energy, all is accorded to wearing the new pajamas, using the amenity kit and taking a shower while in the air.

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