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Investment flow from China to Indonesia at all time high

China's Investment in Indonesia
China's Investment in Indonesia 
China is now the third highest investor in Indonesia. The Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) recorded investment of US$1.6 billion from China up until the third quarter of last year.
Singapore is the largest contributor of investment in Indonesia with US$5.9 billion, a 20 percent share of total foreign investment in 2015 followed by Japan.

What contributed to the large amount of Chinese investment into Indonesia is said to be the high use of Chinese technology in Indonesia, according to Wisnu.

Wisnu Wijaya Sudibyo  BKPM’s third region director told DA Money’s source that  “It took only nine months for China to reach third position,”.
The majority of investments from China, were in Southern Kalimantan and meant for smelters, such as the construction of the first bauxite smelter in Indonesia.

Also, the high-speed railway between Jakarta and Bandung is another mega project in which China is providing investment in Indonesia.

The buildup of the railway will be a huge contribution in the supply chain, as joint ventures will produce the train engines, carriages as well as spare parts," and "The high-speed train project will drastically increase the contribution of China's investment in Indonesia.

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