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Investments to avoid in 2017’ Major polls raises the red flag

Investing might come as confusing to many people, so much now that the entire industry is being rocked by uncertainty surrounding the global economy.
To examine which investment did well and which is better left out of your portfolio, most investors conduct a Year-end reviews which includes the examining and summary of trends, that could in a way give a  hint of the future trend to follow.

Notably, Investment portfolios are continually tied to global developments with an increasingly interdependent on the global economy. The stock market had a great month this year so far, while the U.S. dollar continued to strengthen. Commodities, energy and metals did well, even though many agricultural commodities had a poor 2016 according to the 24/7 Wall St. review.However, the best and worst investments based on the performances of seven major investment classes in 2016 which includes -- mutual funds, ETFs, large-cap stocks, IPOs, commodities, currencies, and fixed income mutual by conducting a survey to get an inner perspective from market gurus.
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About 83% of respondents to the poll said government bonds are set for poor returns in the next 12 months. Treasuries, gilts and the like ranked as the least attractive asset class by a comfortable margin in the poll. Again, returns for government bonds will be sad, the poll found

This result suggests that investors might want to steer clear of government bonds in 2017.while according to the chart below Gold GLD, +0.51% , credit and hedge funds also look like asset classes to avoid this  year.

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