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Six Premier League Top Four chasers and how they might turn things around

It’s now clear the title is no one's after Chelsea’s 0-2 loss to Tottenham Hotspur opened the table up for more possibilities in the coming weeks. Chelsea's astonishing winning run came to an end through Spurs, who were charming, admirable and best to win an unyielding match between two excellent teams.
From this month to early next month the Premier League’s race for the Top Four would be partly if not fully established between six teams of Chelsea, Liverpool ,Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, Manchester United

Here is an insight into what might happen as the league advance

Manchester United
vs Liverpool    –  Jan. 15
vs Stoke City  –  Jan. 21
vs. Hull City    –  Feb. 1
vs  Leicester   –  City Feb. 5
Red Devils have won straight games, Comeback victories and late winners from six-straight wins that came with a home defeat of Liverpool. With 35 years old, Zlatan Ibrahimovic still showing a superhuman level of fitness, Man U's recent form does not qualify the spot they are at the moment on the table. Therefore, if they could maintain their current form they would likely be having a shot at the top four.
vs Leicester  – City Jan. 14
vs. Hull City  – Jan. 22
vs Liverpool  – Jan. 31
vs. Arsenal    – Feb. 4
Though Pochettino's team bettered Chelsea in every department in their last game showing other teams the formula to beat the leaders, whether others can do the same remains to be seen but the blueprint has been laid. Not much ado, here as the leaders’ have five-point advantage which will be tested twice in five big days between the Reds Gunners and Leicester. But certainly a top four is in the bag
vs Swansea – Jan. 14
vs. Burnley   –  Jan. 22
vs. Watford  – Jan. 31
vs Chelsea   – Feb. 4    
After the 3-3 draw at Bournemouth the Gunners may be kicking themselves for missing the opportunity to consolidate their position in the top four. They went down 3-0 before clawing the game back to 3-3 with four minutes of injury time still to be played. Claiming twelve points,including the game with Chelsea is necessary if they will qualify for the champions’ league.
vs Manchester United– Jan. 15
vs. Swansea     –  Jan. 21   
vs. Chelsea       – Jan. 31
vs Hull City        – Feb. 4
Chelsea’s 0 – 2 loss to Tottenham on Wednesday provided comfort for  Liverpool to chase them down, but the two points they dropped after the 2-2 draw at Sunderland might come back to haunt them when the season ends. Trips against relegation teams are still in the bag so they can’t afford to keep losing points against smaller teams.
Tottenham Hotspur
vs. West Brom –Jan. 14
vs Man City – Jan. 21
vs Sunderland – Jan. 31
vs. Middlesbrough – Feb. 4
After they Chelsea’s  13-game run Tottenham can be said to be in challenge not only for for fourth place but the Premier League title .This season Spurs have bested Man City once, and look a team not afraid to play.
Manchester City
vs Everton –Jan. 15
vs. Spurs – Jan. 21
vs West Ham – Feb. 1
vs. Swansea – Feb. 5

Following City's 2-1 win over Burnley on Monday after some shaky performance in previous games, the Manchester based team seems to have gotten their title challenge back on track. But the coming days especially with West Ham looking prepared to the turn a corner aren’t so kind to them either. Generally speaking  City don’t have an easy fixture among the bunch.

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