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"Soccer’s top moneymaker" Man United ends Spanish dominance to emerge first

Manchester United overtook Real Madrid in top spot in the soccer finance rankings for the first time since 2005 as compiled by accountancy firm Deloitte. The 20-time league champions generated an annual average of about 515.3 million pounds (689 million euros or $632 million).

Deloitte's sports division Chief Dan Jones while releasing  the report said "Manchester United have had to wait 11 years to regain their position as the world's leading revenue-generating club and it has taken phenomenal commercial revenue growth to help them achieve this,".
"Recently, their ability to secure commercial partnerships with a value in excess of that achieved by their peers has been the crucial factor in enabling the club to regain their place at the top of the Money League."

The report shows United listed on the New York Stock Exchange and owned by the Florida-based Glazer family have maintained an ability to attract sponsors. But United's stay at the top could be short-lived as the pound weakens after Britain voted to leave the European Union and if they continue their inability to qualify for Champions League football.

United is struggling to break back into the top four Champions League qualification places despite Jose Mourinho replacing Louis van Gaal as manager, and have not  won the Premier League title since Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement in 2013.
Second in the ranking is Spanish champion Barcelona with 620.2 million euros in revenue and Real Madrid, which won an 11th Champions League title in May, and dropping to third on 620.1 million euros in the Deloitte's 20th annual rankings. German champion Bayern Munich and Manchester City completes the top five.
Other English clubs that made it to the top 20 are Leicester a first-time winner of the Premier League makes the cut for the first time, squeezing into 20th place on 128.7 million pounds. Following its move last summer to Olympic Stadium West Ham returns to the top 20 at 18th place with (143.8 million pounds).Arsenal is (seventh at 350.4 million pounds), Chelsea (eight at 334.6 million pounds), Liverpool (ninth at 302 million pounds) and Tottenham (12th at 209.2 million pounds).
Paris Saint-Germain is the only French team represented in the rankings, which fell two places to sixth with revenue of 520.9 million euros, while  Zenit Saint-Petersburg is the only Russian team represented improving a place to 17th by generating 196.5 million euros.
Germany is represented by Borussia Dortmund (11th at 283.9 million euros) and Schalke (14th at 224.5 million euros) along with Bayern.
For Italian teams Juventus heads the list in 10th place on 224.5 million euros, followed by AS Roma (15th at 218.2 million euros), AC Milan (16th at 214.7 million euros) and Inter Milan (19th at 179.2 million euros).

While Atletico Madrid made the list in 13th place at 228.6 million euros, joining Barcelona and Real Madrid.

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