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The Iran, Russian Coalition “A partnership of convenience or Durable Alliance”

Iran Russia Relationship
Their new found love is a concern to reformers

An alliance between Moscow and Tehran has developed in the past few years as the pair closely coordinated battlefield efforts to save Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a mutual ally.
Notably Russia and Iran were not natural allies. The Iranians hold a deeply rooted historical mistrust of Russia. This mistrust dates back to the period after World War II, when the Red Army refused to leave Iran, and has been reinforced by Russia's past use of Iran as a bargaining chip in its dealings with the United States, according to Mohsen Milani, a professor at the University of South Florida, in a recent article for the Foreign Affairs magazine

This cooperation has amounted to the most significant military engagement it has had with another country since the shah's ouster, in August Russia was allowed the use of one of its air bases for airstrikes inside Syria and Hossein Dehghan, the country's defense minister visited frequently in the past year.
And the Iranians hope to buy Russian weaponry as long as the nuclear deal allows them to do so, pushing the relationship to a permanent one. Iran also depends on Russia for spare parts and training.

But in an indication of the fear that this collaboration won't help advance present reform undertaken by the Iranian government. Recent Video clips posted online showed groups of people mourning Rafsanjani death, himself a backer of the Iranian nuclear deal and a proponent of more political openness shouting "Death to Russia" and "The Russian Embassy is a nest of spies" as they passed Moscow's diplomatic mission in downtown Tehran.
Reformers think both country's hardliners will try to reinforce the hostile ideological to the West. They foresee an Iran, Russia relationship as a counterforce to the United States.

Questions left hanging over the Region is, with the city of Aleppo back in Syrian government hands as a result of brute Russian air power and Iranian organized ground forces, will the alliance between Russia and Iran hold? Do the two countries have common interests beyond Syria?  Reformers think Putin is using Iran as he seeks to reassert his country on the world stage.

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