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Bill Gate is JUST the world’s richest man on paper here is the real richest MAN in the world

According to Forbes and other reputable magazines, Bill Gates, Microsoft (MSFT) fortune has taken him straight to the top of the Forbes list of the world’s richest men coming in with a net worth of about $86 billion.

But in reality is he the world’s richest man?

It is noteworthy to understand that most business or finance ranking sources don’t take world leaders and “dictators who derive their fortunes entirely as a result of their position of power into account.

Well, in reality there are world leaders and dictators who keep ripping their countries of billions in dollars and through these means have enriched themselves.

So is President Vladimir Putin of Russia the world’s richest man?
Well, after 17 years in power the Russian leader is said to have acquired about '$200 billion in fortune, which includes 58 planes and helicopters, 20 palaces and country retreats and a including a billion-dollar home on the Black Sea.

This is what Bill Browder, author and a former fund manager in Russia, has to say about Putin’s wealth
‘'I believe that it's $200 billion,' he said at the time. 'After 14 years in power of Russia, and the amount of money that the country has made, and the amount of money that hasn't been spent on schools and roads and hospitals and so on, all that money is in property, bank - Swiss bank accounts - shares, hedge funds, managed for Putin and his cronies.”

Several sources that investigated the report on Putin’s net worth, say is virtually impossible to measure, For a man with  long-time training and practices in terms of how to mask his  wealth.'
Putin previously scoffed at claims he is the World’s richest man, simply saying “it's rubbish they just picked all of it out of someone's nose and smeared it across their little papers”

In summary Boris Nemstov wrote in the document, published by the Telegraph “the luxurious life of the president is a brazen and cynical challenge to society from a high-handed potentate,In a country where 20 million people can barely make ends meet”

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