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Chinese veteran trapped in India meets family after 54 years

An earlier report by the BBC highlighted the plight of Wang Qi (77), on Chinese social media which furthered efforts to get him home.

Wang Qi, a Chinese soldier lived in India for more than five decades because he accidentally wandered into India from across the eastern frontier following the 1962 India China war. As he arrived Xi’an’s airport to a hero’s welcome accompanied by his son, Vishnu Wang (35), daughter-in-law Neha and granddaughter, Khanak Wang Wang Qi cried, I’m finally home!” in an emotional reunion broadcasted live on state television in China. As he hugged his tearful brothers and sisters, he said’ finally am back to this beautiful lovely country “Today is my happiest day in 54 years.

Mr Wang a surveyor with the Chinese military in 1962 had been building roads for the Chinese army following the brief war with India when he strayed into Indian Territory at Assam. According to him “I had gone out of my camp for a stroll but lost my way. I was tired and hungry. I saw an Indian Red Cross vehicle and asked them to help me. They handed me over to the Indian army,”

For seven years, Mr Wang was moved around various prisons after he was jailed for espionage and released in 1969.
He married and worked in a flour mill in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh sending many letters to his family in Shaanxi province expressing his desire to come home afterwards
From 1977, he began the process of applying for the necessary documents to leave India and only received a passport in 2013.

Arriving in his home city of Xianyang, he was met by crowds carrying banners carry his name with the inscriptions welcome home we love you. The reunion took place on the same day as China’s Lantern Festival, a day that traditionally represents reunion.

Wang Shun, A local villager who had prepared a quilt for Mr Wang, told the Xinhua news agency “After all these years, he is finally back”  “had not changed much I can still recognize him”.
“We are just happy that he made it all of us in the village have been waiting for his return”

Wang Qi was never granted Indian citizenship for all his stay in India.

Video of Wang Qi coming home

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