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Nokia relaunch 3310 Aiming to impress new users

The brand that gave most of us our first phones “Nokia” is back in business. Aiming to impress those who dint have the feel of the popular Nokia 3310. The phone still maintained what we are used to from Nokia school of design, but is very modern.

The media turned up in droves, to witness the hotly anticipated relaunch of the classic Nokia 3310 to be presented by Arto Nummela, CEO of Nokia-HMD at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain. The Nokia 3310 talk and text phone, as of the year 2000 was the world's most popular device.

Technology analysts say the revived Nokia phone has the makings to be the hit devices of 2017, appealing to older Nokia fans in developed markets and younger generations in emerging markets.

At just 49 euros ($52) the new model comes in four colors: Black, red, yellow, and gray and on its website Nokia said  the phone is affixed with a two megapixel camera,16 megabytes of memory,bigger screens, 22 hours of talk time and up to one month of standby time.

In 2014 Nokia sold its handset divisions to Microsoft for $7 billion, and was left with its network equipment business. But last year, a new company led by ex-Nokia executives and backed by Chinese electronics giant Foxconn gave the Nokia a fresh start by licensing its devices brand to HMD Global.
At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the telecom industry's largest annual trade fair Chief Executive Rajeev Suri told a news conference "The love for the brand is immense. It gets a lot of affection from millions and millions of people,”

Two new Android phones were also unveiled at the event Nokia, The Nokia 5 and Nokia 3, and the global release of its Nokia 6 smartphone. But the demo device people were eager to see is: The Nokia 3310.

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