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This Club is the most popular European team in China

Manchester United overtake Bayern Munich as China's most popular team online
According to reports reaching DA Money, Manchester United has toppled Bayern Munich as the most popular team online in China.
The study conducted from Chinese social media platforms WeChat and Weibo, along with audience figures from live streams of games aim to reveal how European clubs perform online in China.

Other English teams that wielded significant influence in China includes Arsenal and Liverpool who are joint third with Manchester City coming in fifth. According the sixth edition of the Red Card, which analyses the influence of 53 European clubs on China's social media platforms.
The report said last year Manchester United's tour to China played a huge part in their rise of the club in the world’s most populous country.
Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo is the most popular player while Arsenal's Mesut Ozil is second Real's Wales international Gareth Bale is third. Wayne Rooney, United forward presently linked with a move to China, and teammate Anthony Martial features in the top five. A surprise absentee in the list is Lionel Messi the Barcelona forward seems not to have a presence in Chinese social media.
The most influential league online in China is the German Bundesliga according to the report.

Head of sport at Mailman, which produced the annual report, David Hornby, told BBC Sport: "The Premier League is complacent. Its clubs have decent numbers of followers on Weibo, but not as high engagement”.
"The Bundesliga clubs are far more active. The German league tells its clubs what to do, whereas the respective Premier League clubs are in control of what they do."

However, "There was a gap between following and engaging, regardless of United’s ascent to the top for the first time since the report began, Hornby said.

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