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Uproar in China as three passengers get jail terms for using their mobile phones on planes

Although there exist sketchy reports from pilots who noticed little blips interfering with landing equipments during a storm, no record exist anywhere in the world with a cell phone causing an accident in an airplane.
Nevertheless, this year so far three passengers have been jailed for using their phones during takeoff and landing in China.
During take-off a woman named Zhang was held in jail for five days because she made calls during a flight from her phone.
The second passenger named Niu was detained for three days for a cell phone offense. While The third passenger, called Wang, was using a phone to listen to music during take-off and landing. Wang was detained five days, which is the maximum for a cell phone offense. Chinese civil aviation regulations forbid the use of mobile phones inflight   even in airplane mode, but they do not forbid the use of tablets. Passengers could be Fined up to 50,000 yuan (around $7,265) if they are caught using their phones in china.
All three cases happened between January 5 and February 6 on flights bound for Beijing.
Recent detention of passengers in China has caused an uproar among the populace prompting some experts to wade into the topic, should passengers be allowed to use their phones on planes?

Aaron McCrorie, director general of civil aviation at Transport Canada airing his opinion on the issue said “The concern is in the transmitting portion of cellphones,” “The effort to transmit or receive information can interfere with navigational and communication equipment, and that can have serious consequences on procedures like landing the plane safely apart from taking off and landing using a phone on board a flight should not be a problem.”

However, there have been hints these rules would be changed soon. Last year, an aviation communication expert Zhou Hong, told China Daily that the CAAC had been “exploring the possibility of air travelers using electronic devices at a height of more than 3,000 meters,” or roughly 9,842 feet. Hong stated that the result and implementation of the study would happen in 2016.
But that date came and went, without it happening again In an interview with Bloomberg, another aviation expert Zhu Tao, director of the air transportation division at CAAC, told Bloomberg News that the expected legislation will be effective  by early or end of  2017  China would allow mobile phone usage on flights.

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