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Guess who's behind President Trumps soft approach at the joint congress inaugural address

President Trump dropped some of the fierce rhetoric in his speech that had been a staple of his first weeks in office at the joint session of Congress on Tuesday night.

Although there was no significant change to his policy, his tone  was a far cry from his bleak "American carnage" inaugural address when he took office on Jan. 20.
In Trump's speech he called for national unity and avoided a repeat of his attacks on Democratic opponents and media organizations.
Immediately after the speech, Polls conducted showed that the majority of Americans approved of the soft approach.

What happened to the tough talking American President?

Well report reaching DA Money Maker is that the President’s daughter Ivanka is the main advocate for a more measured, less combative tone he struck recently.

During a brainstorming session in the Oval Office on Sunday a senior White House official said Ivanka Trump made amendments to the speech, helping her father decide on a new approach that would ease concerns over whether Trump had the right temperament to govern.

President Trump’s older daughter urged her father to be more lenient about issues concerning affordable childcare and paid family leave policies she during her father’s presidential campaign.
"He had a lot of voices around him giving him ideas and suggestions that he incorporated, but he really set out to achieve that optimistic tone and that was something she was supportive of” the white house official said.

Ivanka Trump 35 stepped away from her business interests in New York to move to Washington and has emerged as an influential informal adviser for her father, mostly on issues important to minorities and women.

She and husband Jared Kushner, who himself is a senior White House adviser with particular interest in trade deals and Middle East diplomacy have been among president Trumps closest confidants since during his election campaign.

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