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Sophisticated Mailer Scam Everyone Is Falling For

A "highly effective" phishing scam which involve a clever trick that could be difficult to detect have been fooling mailer users to give out their login credentials, have identified by Security analysts.

The past few months have seen the scam gaining popularity as it continues hitting email services around the world.
Here's how the scam work
The attacker sends a booby-trapped email to a prospective victim you disguising as a trusted contact, with the email comes a regular attachment normally a PDF document.

Where the scam gets devious is that the attachment is not really an attachment but an embedded image that has been crafted to look like a PDF.

This embedded image will link you to a fake Google login page Rather than show a preview of the document when clicked.

Everything on this Google login page looks real: the password and username fields, logo etc.

For the Novice, the page is the real thing, but only the “browser address bar” would give you a clue that something is wrong.
Even at that, the URL still seems legitimate and you can still miss the cue.
While the text still comes with the normal “https://accounts.google.com," The problem here though is that   URL is preceded by the prefix "data: text/html."

The text in the address bar is known as a "data URI," and not a URL. Whereas a URL identifies a page's location on the web, the data URI embeds a file.
You will find a long string of characters, a script that serves up a file designed to look like a Gmail login page if you were to zoom out on the address bar, this is the trap.
As you enter your information to login, the attackers capture the data and gain access to your inbox.
Once they are in, they straightaway reconnoiter the compromised account and prepare to launch their next bombardment.

They repeat the process by finding past emails and attachments, creating booby-trapped-image versions, drumming up believable subject lines, and then targeting your contacts.

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