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The most expensive and cheapest cities in the world

This week the world’s most expensive cities were ranked by The Economist Group through its research and analysis division The Economist Intelligence Unit. The study ranked 133 destinations according to the price of more than 160 items.

The cities were rated based on the cost of buying and running a car (including the cost of gasoline), how expensive it is to buy basic items at supermarkets, mid-priced stores and specialty outlets, which include the price of food, drinks, clothing, recreation and entertainment in the study.
Recurring expenses, including the cost of renting a home, utility bills, private schools and domestic help was also examined.
The strength of a country’s currency relative to another was also taken into account. For example a slight weakening of the British pound, contributed to London’s low ranking and kept many other expensive cities off the top of the list.

And the cheapest city in the world is?

The Economist Intelligence Unit reports titled “Worldwide Cost of Living” is an eye-opener about how expensive or cheap it is to live in the world. The report also identified the cities below as the cheapest in the world
Top ranked for the Cheapest cities, are

As noted Chinese cities are notably absent from the list of the most expensive cities this is based on the weak Growth consumption data from china in recent years, and the continuous steady devaluations of the Renminbi also contributed to the fall in rank for Chinese cities, the report found.

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