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Anthony Martials 25th goal to cost Manchester United $10.5M

Manchester United must pay Monaco another £8.5m after Anthony Martial scored his 25th goal for the club as stated in his contract.  

Anthony Martial struggled so badly he was switched to the left wing for the second-half on his previous outing as a center forward under Mourinho from the game against Wigan in the FA Cup.

But against Burnley Mourinho agreed he did very well.
"Yes, of course, he was very good," "Very good with the ball, without the ball in the middle of two strong central defenders. Without anyone just behind him, he was quite distant from our midfielders” Mourinho said.
Compared to his debut campaign when he scored 17 goals in all competitions, Martial has had a poor season this term, but was given the responsibility in attack for United’s trip to Turf Moor to face Burnley.

Martial accomplished a return to the starting line-up by starting and finishing a scintillating counter-attack that gave United the lead at Turf Moor and assisted Wayne Rooney's effort for the second goal of the encounter.
Moreover his contract stipulated that United would have to pay Monaco £8.5m when Martial netted his 25th goal for the club,

With this performance and the goal, Manchester United will have to pay up as stated in the contract though the Burnley strike was just his fourth in the Premier League this season.
During his first campaign at Old Trafford the France international managed 17 goals,  while  Ibrahimovic's  injury  could afford him more game-time, at United who still have at least eight more games  till the end of the season.

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