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As Nigeria fight corruption, corruption fights back

The history of corruption in Nigeria could be traced to 1944 when Nnamdi Azikiwe bought a Bank in Lagos through a firm belonging to his family.
When the bank was audited transaction report showed that though Azikiwe who earlier resigned as chairman of the bank, have the current chairman as his agent.  Furthermore, the paid-up capital of the then African Continental Bank was from the Eastern Regional Financial Corporation.
Since then Corruption has turned a social virus in Nigeria, which have derived the country and its citizens the ability to develop into a prosperous economy.

So much that by 2012, Nigeria was estimated to have lost over $400 billion to corruption since its independence from Britain.
While, previous governments have tried to contain corruption through the enactment of laws and enforcement of an integrity system to no avail.
But the present government of President Muhammadu Buhari has taken corruption and anti-graft war heads on, though so far the war seems tough and grueling.

President Buhari, however assured that the battle would be won.

His Government, recently spelled out benefits to whistleblowers
Which includes a pledge of protection and cash reward for example, any whistle-blower whose information leads to the recovery of up to N1 Billion would receive 5 per cent of the amount, 4 percent of the remaining N4 Billion, if it’s up to  N5 Billion while any amount over N5 billion will attract 2.5 per cent reward.
This method is yielding fruit, as poor Nigerians are getting rich exposing corrupt officials.
But corruption is vigorously fighting back
Corrupt people, who had accumulated a formidable arsenal of illicit wealth, are now deploying it against the present administration on diverse fronts.
Take for example the present unrest in the Niger Delta, which keeps sabotaging critical oil and power installations and terrorist insurgency in the Northeast that is causing humanitarian problems for the country.
Upon this, president Buhari said his administration is determined to win, as he stated “ we will win. People of goodwill are behind us. Countries like America and many others are with us, and we will surely win,”

When addressing the world economic forum presently.

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