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Mobile phone electromagnetic radiation effects on the body

Mobile phone electromagnetic radiation is about (450–2100 MHz) putting it in the microwave range.
And a subject of interest worldwide is the effect of mobile phone radiation on human health, as phone usage throughout the world has increased enormously.

There were 7.4 billion subscriptions worldwide, as of 2015, although this number is lower as many people subscribe to more than one mobile phone.
So how does electromagnetic radiation affect the body?

The human body absorbs energy from devices that emit radio frequency like electromagnetic radiation, such as cell phones, which is in the radio frequency range. The dose absorbed, could be estimated using a measure called the specific absorption rate (SAR), expressed in watts per kilogram of body weight.
Apart from the biological effect of heating from radio frequency energy (e.t.c) on the area of the body where a cell phone is held (e.g. ear, head,) there is still no real threat of cell phone radiation to human health as stated by various studies.

Steps suggested by the FDA to cell phone users can take to reduce exposure to radio frequency energy include
The Usage of cell phones for shorter conversations and other communication channels (e.g. landlines, social apps) for long longer communications.
Using devices which place more distance between the phone and the head of the user, such as hands-free technology.
Here are 5 Phones with the Highest Radiation levels

Huawei Vitria (Radiation level SAR 1.49)

At $130 The Huawei Vitria is an affordable phone and a pretty fast LTE smartphone for that price.
The phone is a little buggy with heavy body that looks rather plain. Battery drains quickly. And sometimes Data stutters.
If you're looking for an affordable Android LTE phone, consider the Huawei Vitria
One Touch Evolve (Radiation level SAR 1.49)

The Alcatel One Touch Evolve at $99 is an affordable Android phone, but its dull performance makes that price expensive.
Motorola Moto E (Radiation level SAR 1.5)

At $63.90 the Motorola Moto E is indisputably cheap and comes in a variety of specs that makes it capable of handling everyday tasks.
Motorola Droid Ultra (Radiation level SAR 1.54)

This phone is a mid-range device and at $500 the Motorola Droid Ultra’s price could be said to be too high whereas it doesn’t offer any additional benefits that you won't get from the Moto X but generally it’s a good phone.

Motorola Droid Maxx (Radiation level SAR 1.54)

Some good qualities of The Droid Maxx are Solid build quality, thin frame, Good overall performance, supports wireless charging and an excellent battery life, but at $300 it doesn't offer enough to justify that huge price.

While different studies have examined the potential health effects of non-ionizing radiation from cell phones, there is currently no existing evidence that non-ionizing radiation from cell phones increases cancer risk.

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