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What each golfer got from the 2017 $11M Masters Prize money

The Masters Tournament held on April 6–9 2017 at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia was it's 81st Masters golf Tournament edition. After having complete 72 holes in nine-under-par, Sergio García beat Justin Rose in a sudden-death playoff. Becoming the only Spaniard to win it since José María Olazábal did in 1999.
So what’s the prize money for this year’s Masters
Here’s what each golfer will get
According to Golf.com an $11 million purse was announced by The Masters to be divided among professional participants in the 2017 event, $1 million above the $10 million shared last two tournaments.
Sergio García got $1.98 million, a rise of nearly $200,000 from a year ago. Anyone finishing past 50th will receive a lower amount than listed below.
Sergio García: $1,980,000
Justin Rose: $1,188,000
3rd: $748,000
4th: $528,000
5th: $440,000
6th: $396,000
7th: $368,500
8th: $341,000
9th: $319,000
10th: $297,000
11th: $275,000
12th: $253,000
13th: $231,000
14th: $209,000
15th: $198,000
16th: $187,000
17th: $176,000
18th: $165,000
19th: $154,000
20th: $143,000
21st: $132,000
22nd: $123,200
23rd: $114,400
24th: $105,600
25th: $96,800
26th: $88,000
27th: $84,700
28th: $81,400
29th: $78,100
30th: $74,800
31st: $71,500
32nd: $68,200
33rd: $64,900
34th: $62,150
35th: $59,400
36th: $56,650
37th: $53,900
38th: $51,700
39th: $49,500
40th: $47,300
41st: $45,100
42nd: $42,900
43rd: $40,700
44th: $38,500
45th: $36,300
46th: $34,100
47th: $31,900
48th: $30,140
49th: $28,600
50th: $27,720

Sergio García’s friends and family had seen it all before that unfortunate shot off the pin during a playoff at the 2007 British Open which cost him the Claret Jug. And saw him blow a lead with just three holes to play in the 2008 PGA Championship also they Saw him finish second four times in the majors.

For themselves or for Sergio they didn’t want to see it again and for sure they didn't.

Video: Sergio Garcia wins the 2017 Masters in Playoff

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