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More on the Manchester Concert bomber Salman Abedi

Picture of suspected Manchester bomber Salman Abedi

The Manchester suicide bomber suspect in which ISIS claimed responsibility have been identified as a British-Libyan man name Salman Abedi.

Who is Salman Abedi?

Known and described as normal by the Libyan community in the city who people remember as abrasive, tall, skinny young man lithely known and often seen in traditional Islamic clothing around their neighborhood.

Abedi was Born and raised in Manchester and is the second youngest of four children, according to the Telegraph; His parents were Libyan refugees who are thought to have come to the UK during the Gaddafi regime.
It appears that Abedi was registered as living at Elsmore road where Local residents who live in the same red-bricked semi-detached street said they know little about him or persons who reside at the address that is now the center of investigation.

The house at Elsmore road where Abedi is said to be staying

Previously Abedi lived with his mother Samia Tabbal, father Ramadan Abedi, brothers Ismail Abedi and Hashim Abedi, and a sister Jomana, who all live in Manchester.

It is  also reported that he was close with schoolgirls Salma and Zahra Halane, from the Whalley Range area who had fled to marry jihadist fighters from the Islamic State in June 2014.

Schoolgirls Salma and Zahra Halane, who had fled to marry jihadist fighters

He is also known to have attended the Manchester Islamic Centre, popularly known as the Didsbury Mosque.
Where he caught the attention of an imam that said he stared down hard at him during a sermon denouncing terrorism.
“Salman showed me a face of hate after that sermon,” Mohammed Saeed told The Guardian of the 2015 encounter”.
Abedi was reported to have started studying business and management at Salford University two or three years ago but dropped out of the course ending up not completing his degree. A source said, He began the course in 2014 attended lectures for two years and stopped going.

The Manchester-born bomber was reported to have spent three weeks in  war-torn Libya before the blast, in which he was killed  according to the Times newspaper.
“He went to Libya three weeks ago and came back recently, like days ago.”  A friend told the Times.

As the investigation continues, more is still being expected  from the case as Mrs May announced that the official terror threat level in the UK is being raised to critical, the highest level.

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